External Housing Resources for Seniors and Families

The Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center:  http://www.socialserve.com/tenant/CA/index.html?ch=LAC


LA County 211:  http://www.211.org/services/housing-and-utilities


The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA):  http://www.hacla.org/


The Housing Rights Center publishes a monthly listing of affordable housing:  http://www.hrc‐la.org/doc.asp?id=8 


Affordable Living for the Aging hosts a list of affordable housing listings for seniors:  http://www.alaseniorliving.org/apartment‐listings


Affordable Living for the Aging (ALA): http://www.alaseniorliving.org/

  • Housing share/roommate program for seni ALA helps facilitate matching of senior homeowners looking to rent out rooms in their home to other seniors throughout the Los Angeles area.
  • Manages affordable housing units for seniors
  • 323‐650‐7988


Be Group:  http://www.thebegroup.org/choosing‐a‐community/low‐income‐housing

  • Senior and family low‐income housing
  • 818‐638‐4568


Thomas Safran & Associates: http://www.tsahousing.com/affordable_housing.php


CSI Coop: http://www.csi.coop/en/locations/CA

  • Senior affordable housing, on the co‐op model (building is controlled by the resident members)
  • 626‐599‐8464 & 800‐500‐7725


Abode Communities: http://abodecommunities.org/

  • Senior affordable housing throughout the Los Angeles area
  • 213‐629‐2702


Amcal Housing: http://www.amcalhousing.com/

  • Affordable housing for seniors and families in Los Angeles
  • 818‐706‐0694


City of Alhambra:  http://www.cityofalhambra.org/page/205/housing_for_seniors/

  • The City of Alhambra operates subsidized housing buildings for They post their waitlist availability in the newspaper, but call property management once per month to find out if there are any units coming available.
  • 626‐570‐5037


A Community of Friends:  http://www.acof.org/

  • Low income housing for seniors and fa Many of their units are specifically for special needs populations.
  • 213‐480‐0809


Foundation for Affordable Housing: http://www.ffah.org/

  • Affordable housing for senior and families in Los Angeles
  • 310‐214‐1416


FAME Corporation: http://www.famecorporations.org/housing/

  • Affordable housing units in Los Angeles
  • 323‐730‐7780


GSL Properties:  http://www.gslproperties.com/Apartments/module/properties/

  • Affordable Housing in Los Angeles
  • 213‐623‐2010


Front Porch:  http://www.frontporch.net/our‐communities/affordable‐housing/ 

  • Affordable housing for seniors
  • 818‐254‐4100


Jamboree Housing: https://www.jamboreehousing.com/communities/properties‐list/resident 

  • Senior and family affordable housing
  • 949‐263‐8676


John Stewart Company:  http://jsco.net/management/senior-housing/ 

  • Affordable housing for seniors, families and special needs populations throughout the state.  Call the Los Angeles office listed on the website to find out if they have any open waitlists.
  • 213‐833‐1866


Linc Housing: http://www.linchousing.org/about/index.html

  • Affordable housing for seniors and families
  • 562‐684‐1100


Little Tokyo Service Center:  https://www.ltsc.org/index.php/apply‐for‐housing 

  • Affordable housing for seniors and families
  • 213‐473‐3030


McCormack Baron and Salazar: http://www.mccormackbaron.com

  • Developer of affordable housing – see website for communities in Southern California
  • 213‐680‐9163


Menorah Housing: http://www.menorahhousing.org/index.php

  • Affordable housing for seniors
  • 310‐477‐1476


Preservation Partners: http://www.ppmginc.com/

  • Affordable housing in Southern CA for seniors and families
  • 310‐802‐6670


Project New Hope: http://www.projectnewhope.org/PNHinde.html

  • Affordable housing
  • (818) 546‐8929


Retirement Housing Foundation: http://www.rhf.org/

  • Senior affordable housing provider
  • 562‐257‐5100


The Bedford Group:  http://www.thebedfordgroup.com/affordable‐apartment‐communities.html 

  • Has some affordable housing for seniors
  • 310‐568‐8500


Solari Enterprises:  https://solari-ent.com/ 

  • Affordable housing for seniors and families
  • 714‐282‐8200


USA Properties Fund: http://www.usapropfund.com/communities/

  • Affordable housing for seniors and families


Western Community Housing:  www.wchousing.org/senior‐communities 

  • Affordable housing for seniors
  • 213‐261‐4830


Western Senior Housing:  http://www.wshmgmt.com/our‐properties/ 

  • Affordable housing for seniors
  • 949‐748‐8200


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