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Fire Code Complaints



The Beverly Hills Fire Department will investigate all fire-related complaints. If the complaint is not fire-related, we will do our best to direct your concern to the appropriate department. Please keep in mind that “fire hazards” are only deemed as such by the Fire Department, not the public. The Beverly Hills Fire Department does not get involved in civil/legal issues between neighbors. The Beverly Hills Fire Department can recommend you seek legal or expert advice in certain situations beyond the Fire Department’s expertise. Please complete the Complaint Form and provide as much detailed information as possible.

  • Can the Beverly Hills Fire Department address the tree that is overhanging onto my property?
  • What can the Fire Department do about my neighbor's tree touching the power lines?
  • What if my neighbor has trash and debris throughout their property and I feel it's a fire hazard?
  • My building hasn't had a working elevator for a while and I fear that in an emergency I won't able to get out. Can you help?
  • How do I know if the building I reside in is maintaining all its fire protections systems?
  • There is a dead/dry tree near the right-of-way. Is that my responsibility to remove or is that the City's?
The Fire Department can address the overhanging tree(s) only if its dead or dry. If the tree is still green and lush, it becomes a civil matter. The Fire Department are not arborists and may recommend that you hire one to confirm the viability and stability of the tree. The City does not get involved in neighbor disputes or civil matters such as tree obstructions from view, tree nuisance, etc. The Fire Department only responds/investigates fire hazards.
The City of Beverly Hills obtains power from Southern California Edison. If you have concerns with trees touching power lines please contact them at (800) 655-4555. To arrange an inspection by Edison call (800) 640-3652. For any power line/electrical emergencies immediately call 911.
"Fire hazards" are determined by fire department personnel based on the Fire Code, not the public. Trash could be a health or nuisance issue. Provide as much detailed information about your concern and a fire department representative will investigate and determine whether or not it's a fire hazard. If trimmings are found piled up, please provide a week to have a waste company pick up per their schedule.
Elevators that are not current on state certification or complaints on non-operability should be reported to the Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Elevators are not a method of exiting when there is an emergency. If you are ever stuck in an elevator, please dial 911 for assistance. Additionally, please familiarize yourself with all your exit stairwells and exits that lead to the public way. All exits shall be clear from obstructions, clearly marked, and accessible at all times.
A Beverly Hills Fire Department Inspector will be glad to make a site visit and verify that all fire protection systems are being maintained and certified. If a fire protection system is out of order/non-operable, please contact the Fire Department immediately so it can be placed back into normal operation.
If you would like clarification on who would be responsible to remove/clean up the tree, please contact the Public Works customer service line at (310) 285-2467.
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