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Fire Plan Check and Inspection Services

Fire Plan CheckPlan Check and Permits

The Beverly Hills Fire Department strives to provide exemplary fire and life safety throughout the community. In order to maintain our standard of safety for our municipality, the Fire Department reviews plans to ensure compliance with California Fire Code and Municipal Code. All Fire Code-related construction projects that require plan check review shall be submitted through the Building and Safety Department.


Fire Prevention Plan Review

  • Please submit two copies of fire alarm and sprinkler plans to Building & Safety located in City Hall.
  • Plan check turnaround time is two weeks from date of submittal AND payment.
  • Plan check corrections, if any, are written on the plans (please return with resubmittal plans).
  • Upon review and approval, an inspector is assigned to the permit.  The inspector’s name and phone number are stamped on the plans.
  • Plans are made available for pick up at Building & Safety, and no appointment is required.
  • Upon picking up approved plans, the applicant can call the assigned inspector directly regarding any inspection related questions or to set up an appointment.
  • An automated email is sent out to applicants when any change in permit status occurs.  Applicants also have the option of logging into their OBC account ( to check permit status.

Over the Counter Plan Check (OTC)

Tenant improvement projects not requiring review of calculations qualify for OTC plan check.  Please review Beverly Hills Fire Department Guidelines for required general notes on plans, and provide a minimum of two sets of plans.

  • OTC plan check is available by appointment only. Applicants may contact Plan Check Inspector Cecilia Sohn to schedule an OTC appointment.

How to Apply for Plan Check?

Water Flow Report Request



Fire Life Safety Checklist for Construction
Fire Sprinkler Plan Review Guidelines 2020
Residential Fire Sprinklers Guidelines 2020
Kitchen Suppression System Guidelines 2020
Medical Gas System Guidelines (2021)


Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Standard 2022
Fire Watch Standard 2020
Fuel Modification Standard 2021
Knox Box Standard 2020
Premise Identification 2020
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