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Hazardous Materials


The Beverly Hills Fire Department enforces the California Fire Code and oversees the installation, use, and amounts of hazardous materials in the City. Some examples of hazardous material operations that are inspected and verified for maximum allowable quantities per the Fire Code are: Medical Gas Systems, Liquid CO2 systems, Liquid Nitrogen Systems, Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Above Ground Diesel/Gasoline tanks.

Senate Bill 1082, passed in 1993, created the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA).  CUPA was designed to protect the public, worker safety, first responders, and the environment.

Federal, state, and local laws require that a hazardous materials Business Emergency Plan (BEP) be submitted by any business that use, store, and handle a hazardous material or a mixture containing a hazardous material equal to or greater than any of the following quantities:

  • 500 pounds of a hazardous solid
  • 55 gallons of a hazardous liquid
  • 200 cubic feet of a hazardous compressed gas
  • 10 pounds or more of organic peroxides, carcinogens, radioactive or highly toxic materials, or class 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 explosives.

Exemptions are available for lubricating oils, medical gases, and retail products.

In the City of Beverly Hills the Los Angeles County Fire Department Health Hazardous Materials Division conducts both CUPA regulatory inspections and oversees the hazardous waste program. If you are subject to the reporting requirements under the CUPA program you must now report electronically.  Please access via the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS).

For assistance obtaining permits through the County or City of Beverly Hills for hazardous material operations, storage, or use at your business, please contact us at 310-281-2703 and ask to speak to a Fire Inspector.

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