Maintenance of Fire Protection Program

Compliance Engine

The Beverly Hills Fire Department has instituted a new process for record keeping of all fire protection equipment maintenance and testing, compliant or not. These required reports can be sent electronically via a third party called “The Compliance Engine".  Please have your service provider/s log on to for submittal of their test reports.

Property Managers/Owners can also create an account with the Compliance Engine to obtain, view, and keep track of all testing reports.

Test reports are required for all:

  1. Fire Sprinkler Systems
  2. Standpipe Systems
  3. Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems
  4. Fire Alarm Systems
  5. Active Smoke Control Systems
  6. Private Hydrants
  7. Fire Pumps
  8. Spray Booths
  9. Emergency Generators
  10. Special Suppression systems
  11. Fire Escapes
  12. Emergency Lighting

For questions or concerns, please call 310-281-2703 and ask to speak to a Fire Inspector.

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