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Beverly Hills Fire Department
Fire Prevention Bureau Requirements
Use of Camera/Jib/Boom/Crane in Public Assemblages


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  1. May require uniform Fire Safety Officer when camera jib/boom/crane is used within the audience's area of a public assemblage.
  2. Any portion of the camera jib/crane/boom that extends over the audience shall be a minimum of 8 feet in height above the ground/floor/grade.
  3. At no time shall the base of the jib/crane/boom block an exit or aisle.
  4. A device shall be provided to prevent the dolly's movement into a restricted area.
  5. Cables shall be taped, matted, or flown to avoid tripping hazards.
  6. Minimum clearance around the base and/or operator shall be four feet.  Barricades or rope and stanchions shall be provided to maintain this clearance.
  7. Request for approval shall be submitted in writing, with plans drawn to scale at least 3 working days in advance of the event.
  8. Camera must be safety cabled to the jib/crane/boom.
  9. If used in the dark, low wattage illumination will be required on both sides of the jib/crane/boom attached to the camera.
  10. Visibility of exit signs shall not be hindered.
  11. Any portion of the jib/crane/boom or camera that may come into contact with the public shall be padded.
  12. Use of a safety person may be required, in addition to the camera operator.
  13. Comply with Beverly Hills Fire Department requirements.
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