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Commission Accomplishments

Daniel Nazarian and Cathy Baker have served as the Chair and Vice Chair from January 2020 to December 2020.

The areas of interest for 2020 included:

  • Health and Safety Related Technology
  • Smoking Education, Outreach and Cessation

During this time, the Health and Safety Commission accomplished the following:

1. Continued the Health and Safety Recognition Program, honoring individuals, businesses, and groups who have demonstrated leadership in the field of health and safety issues or made a contribution to the mission of the Health and Safety Commission.


Erin Raftery Ryan, Tim Davis, Adaline Fagen, and Sharon Dunas from the NAMI Westside Los Angeles will be honored.


All the City of Beverly Hills Departments will be honored for their work during COVID-19 and the protests.


Mickey Fine Pharmacy will be honored for their Diabetes Education Program.


Sonja Rosen, M.D., FACP, AGSF Chief, Section of Geriatric Medicine, Department of Medicine, Medical Director, Geriatrics, Cedars-Sinai. Allison Mays MD, MAS Geriatrician / Assistant Professor of Medicine / Physician Quality Specialist

2. The City’s Office  of Emergency Management created the Employee Emergency Management Excellence Award to recognize employees who have gone beyond their daily responsibilities to contribute to the City’s emergency management efforts. The following employees were honored:

Captain Michael Hill, Beverly Hills Police Department

3. The Health and Safety Commission Employee Excellence Award recognizes employees who have gone beyond their daily responsibilities to contribute to the City’s health and safety efforts.


David Hillyer, Water System Supervisor, John Moreno, Water System Supervisor, and Jason Dyogi, Water Quality Specialist, from the City’s Public Works Department.


This award will be given to the staff who administer and facilitate the COVID-19 Senior Meal Program.


During this meeting, this award will be given to the following staff who administer and facilitate the COVID-19 Senior Meal Program: Tito Bautista, Carson Blaker, Matthew Brown, Steven Chavez, Monica Collier, Ernie Dominguez, Evan Doyle, Steve Eichinger, Craig Farotto, Patrick Ferris, Alex Figueroa, Raudel Frias, Yael Hecht, Maksim Koretskiy, Jonathan Lim, Beatriz Martinez, Vy Nguyen, Darrin Nogales, Nikolas Orr, Justin Palafox, Cody Prieto, Hector Romero, Juan Romero, Carlton Shigg, Patricia Soria, Ashley Sylvester, and Tiarra Warner


Nestor Otazu, Community Preservation Manager

4. Continued learning about the topic of Health and Safety Related Technology and received customized presentations.


City Engineer Daren Grilley and Project Manager Samer Elayyan reported on the Community Siren Alert System Project.


Public Safety Communications Bureau Manager Dona Norris spoke to the Commission on the ability to text and call 9-1-1 from cell phones in Beverly Hills.


A representative from the company What is Privacy? spoke to the Commission regarding online safety and privacy tips.


Dr. Arash Asher addressed the Commission regarding Cedar-Sinai’s GRACE (Growing Resiliency and Courage) program which helps individuals foster resiliency practices, including having a strong sense of meaning and purpose, mastering perspective, cultivating gratitude and humor, and connectivity.


Cheryl Karp Eskin addressed the Commission regarding Teen Line, a teen to teen hotline where teenagers can talk to a trained teen listener about anything they are struggling with.


Dr. Daniel Fink addressed the Commission on the topic of hearing and noise level health in youth.

5. Every month, Commissioner Erica Felsenthal, PhD, will lead the Commission in a “Minute of Mindfulness.”


Box Breathing


Body Scan


Butterfly Hugs




The Beverly Hills Unified School District provided monthly updates on the following topics:

6. After school sports programs.

7. Policies for prohibiting, prevention, and intervention of tobacco, nicotine, and vaping. “Truth about Vaping” event in October.

8. How to respond and support students after disastrous events.

9. Planning for re-opening schools in accordance with all safety mandates from the Department of Public Health.

10. Emergency containers inventory and restock.

11. The BHUSD Ready Together Plan.

12. Halloween contests for students.

13. School Board elections.

14. In-person and online instruction options.

15. Partnership with Living Fit Nation to assist with COVID-19 and safety measures.

16. Programs offered through The Maple Counseling Center.

17. NormanAid Wellness Center focusing on mental health.


The Beverly Hills Police Department provided monthly updates on the following topics:

18. COVID-19 and protests updates and safety information.

19. Mask safety compliance and rules.

20. Just in Case, BH

21. Presidential election safety preparedness information including drop boxes, road closures, voting information, staffing, SWAT team, security guards, and activating the City’s EOC (Emergency Operations Center).

22. Presence of the National Guard in Beverly Hills.

23. Curfew restriction information.

24. Coffee with the Cops events.

25. Participation with Team Beverly Hills.

26. Police Department Explorer Program.

27. Beverly Hills Police Department mobile phone application.

28. Nixle notifications - Sign up for notification alerts by texting BEVHILLS and BEVHILLSPD to 888777 or at

29. Safety practices regarding scam phone calls and e-mails.

30. Citizens Academy Program.

31. Presidential visit procedures.

32. Residents and business owners can call 310-288-2668 for free home and business security inspections.

33. Safety tips and crime prevention such as being aware and attentive, always locking vehicles, not leaving expensive items in vehicles, and leaving lights or sounds on when leaving the house to dissuade potential criminals.

34. National Police Week May 11-16, 2020.


Other Priority Agencies:

35. The Beverly Hills Fire Department updated the Commission on the Nurse Practitioner Program.

36. The Beverly Hills Fire Department updated the Commission on the CERT Program.

37. The Community Services Department updated the Commission and informed the community that they are still offering services during the COVID-19 pandemic including resources from the Kindness Task Force meetings, senior phone bank, community food drive, Senior Nutrition Program & Meal Delivery, Preschool at Home, Library Online, Music Live from the Mansion, Artist of the Week series, Beverly Hills Beautiful, and the Beverly Hills Better Impact Volunteer Program.



38. The Commission passed a motion to recommend to follow a more stringent approach and impose restrictions/ban for trick-or-treating and trunk-or-treating for COVID-19 health concerns.

39. Received a presentation from Jennifer Garland, RN, PhD, CIC, with Cedars-Sinai’s Department of Health Epidemiology on COVID-19 safety practices.

40. Received a presentation on mental health during COVID-19. Positive coping strategies and tips for stress, anxiety, depression, physical health, panic attacks, suicide risk, resiliency, “Staying Sane at Home”, and “Zoom or Quarantine Fatigue” include self-care, taking breaks, stretching, breathing, smiling, drinking water, taking a walk, getting professional help, healthy diets, sleep, religious or spiritual practices, humor, sticking to routines/schedules, gratitude practices, problem solving, priorities and organization, exercise, pleasant events, replacing unhealthy attitudes with healthy ways of thinking, talking with friends, prescription medication, relaxation/meditation techniques, connecting with pets or nature, and checking in with others. Tips for increasing social connectedness include phone or video calls, acts of kindness, virtual volunteering, looking at old photos, puzzles, knitting, video games, virtual exercise classes, music, positive thoughts, notes of appreciation, and virtual book clubs.

41. The Commission heard a presentation from Stephanie Cohen, Interim Senior Health Services & Mental Health Deputy, from Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s Office, on testing information.

42. Staff constantly kept the Commission updated with COVID-19 statistics in both Beverly Hills and Los Angeles County.

43. To help prevent infection, it is important to protect one’s eyes, nose, and mouth by wearing face masks/covering and maintain at least 6 feet social distance from other individuals. Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.

44. Guidelines or closures regarding operations for essential business, restaurants, retail establishments, and public community areas.

45. The Commission heard a presentation from the retailers, hotels, and business representatives on COVID-19 impacts.

46. Symptoms can include fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms. It is important to self-monitor and stay home if sick.

47. Contact tracing.

48. There was extensive discussion on testing options including, but not limited to PCR testing, antibody testing, and Antigen testing. Discussion included locations, pricing, and eligibility.

49. Heard presentations discussing vaccine planning.



50. Received assistance from the Beverly Hills Ambassadors and Code Enforcement team.

51. Upcoming ordinances that will take effect January 1, 2021.

52. No-smoking/vaping banners in the City.

53. Grant-funding for smoking cessation efforts.

54. Cedars-Sinai Smoking Cessation program.

55. Signage and mailers in the City.


Other Health and Safety Related Topics:

56. Heard presentations regarding potential health risks of 5G networks.

57. The Commission heard presentations on disaster preparedness including making a plan and stockpiling supplies.

58. The Commission heard a presentation on Connect Beverly Hills: Meet Me on Wilshire and La Cienega. Staff explained a project to prepare a series of streetscape plans and design standards, starting with Wilshire Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard.

59. Received important information on the upcoming flu season and how to prepare with vaccines, as well as how it is affected by COVID-19.

60. Heard a presentation from the City’s Public Works Department regarding the annual Water Quality Report.

61. Heard a presentation from the City’s Public Works Department on Solid Waste Rate Adjustments.

62. Adopted the 2020 Conflict of Interest Code.

63. Heard a presentation from the City’s Community Development Department regarding the Housing Element Update Proces.


Attendance and Events:

64. Attended the All Commission Special Meeting and Training in January.

65. Had a Health and Safety Commission Liaison Committee meeting in January to review the 2019 accomplishments and approve the 2020 Health and Safety work plan.

66. Reminded the community that April is Earthquake Preparedness Month.

67. Reminded the community that April 22, 2020 is Earth Day.

68. Participated in the Great ShakeOut on October 17, 2020, a nationwide earthquake drill.

69. Reminded the community that September is National Preparedness Month.

70. Reminded the community that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

71. Chair Nazarian attended the monthly Mayor’s Cabinet Meetings to report on Commission updates.


Please review the above accomplishments. These accomplishments will be provided by the 2021 Chair and Vice Chair to the City Council Liaisons during the Health and Safety Commission Liaison meeting to occur in 2021. Please advise of any additions or changes. The Commission should be proud of their accomplishments.

The following continues to be the goals of the Commission:

  • To Create a “Community Culture of Awareness and Preparedness.”
  • To Encourage Good Decision Making and Battle Complacency on Health and Safety Matters.
  • To Serve as Ambassadors to the Community on Health and Safety related Resources and Information.


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