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Normal Parking Day


Red Flag Parking Restrictions

In 1998 the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously accepted the recommendation of the Public Safety Committee to implement the proposed restrictions on parking within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) on days of extreme fire hazard, also known as Red Flag days. 


In light of the outcomes of recent large fires in the State, the Fire Department has found it necessary to revisit this issue.  We have determined that expanding the Red Flag no parking restrictions is necessary in order to protect life safety and improve our ability to evacuate residents while simultaneously deploying fire apparatus in to the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (VHFHSZ) during a wildfire. The Fire Department recommendations were evaluated by the City’s Department of Transportation and the Police Department prior to submission to the Traffic and Parking Commission.


See map for “Fire Danger Area Sign Locations” (PDF)

See map for designated “Red Flag Impacted Streets” (PDF)

Questions and Answers

  • What is a Red Flag Day?
  • What do Red Flag Parking restrictions mean within the City of Beverly Hills?
  • Which streets have the No parking restriction on red flag days?
  • What is the significance of not parking on the designated streets during a red flag day?
  • What happens to a vehicle parked on one of these designated streets during a red flag day?
  • Are there any exceptions for parking on a designated street during a red flag day?
  • What if I have an event, permit or special condition for street parking?
  • Can I still park my vehicle on a street that is not designated / marked during a red flag warning?
  • How can I find out if today is a red flag day?
Red Flag Days are declared by the Beverly Hills Fire Department within the City of Beverly Hills when: 1) Relative humidity 15 percent or less with either sustained winds of 25 mph or greater or frequent gusts of 35 mph, and a burn index of 151 or higher. 2) The Fire Chief may also declare a Red Flag Day in response to an extreme hazard such as widespread lightning strikes or widespread active fire incidents throughout the region.
Red Flag Parking restrictions mean that on days the Beverly Hills Fire Department has deemed a Red Flag Day, no street parking is permitted on designated / marked streets.
1 La Altura Rd North of Doheny Rd
2 Calle Vista Dr North of Doheny Rd
3 Schuyler Rd North of Doheny Rd
4 El Retiro Way West of Schuyler Rd
5 Calle Vista Dr West of Schuyler Rd
6 Miradero Rd West of Schuyler Rd
7 Doheny Rd East of Foothill Rd, West of Loma Vista Dr
8 Foothill Rd North of Sunset Blvd, South of Doheny Rd
9 N Hillcrest Rd North of Sunset Blvd
10 Loma Vista Dr North of Sunset Blvd
11 Carla Ridge East of Schuyler Rd, West of Loma Vista Dr
12 N Beverly Dr North of Sunset Blvd, South of Coldwater Canyon Dr
13 Coldwater Canyon Dr North of N Beverly Dr
14 Benedict Canyon Dr North of Sunset Blvd
15 San Ysidro Dr East of Tower Rd
16 Tower Rd North of Benedict Canyon Dr, South of San Ysidro Dr
Streets that have the designated signs are part of an emergency evacuation route or lack adequate width to accommodate fire apparatus and resident traffic during a wildfire. The parking restrictions help reduce congestion during an evacuation and help emergency equipment arrive to the incident.
The vehicle can be cited and or towed.
Attended commercial delivery vehicles parked in front of the receiving property while making deliveries would be exempt, as well as City vehicles during the course of their duties.
If a red flag warning is in effect, the "No Parking Restrictions" on designated streets supersede all conditions, events and permits.
Yes, as long as you have appropriate parking permits or city approvals.
You can call The Red Flag Hotline at 310-288-1444
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