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Normal Parking Day

Normal parking conditions are in effect.
Red Flag Parking Restrictions

In 1998 the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously accepted the recommendation of the   Public Safety Committee to implement the proposed restrictions on parking within the wildland urban interface (WUI) on days of extreme fire hazard, also known as Red Flag days.

Assembly Bill 337 (1992) required the identification of Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ) within the City of Beverly Hills. See map for “Fire Danger Area Sign Locations” (PDF). This designation permits the adoption of additional restrictive standards to reduce the fire hazard and protect live safety in the area. The Fire Department surveyed the streets in the VHFHSZ and determined that certain parking restrictions were necessary to maintain adequate evacuation routes for the public and access routes for fire emergency vehicles.

Streets where parking is restricted on Red Flag days are posted with appropriate “No Parking” Signs. If signs are not posted on the street, that street is not affected with those restrictions. As an alternative solution to conventional parking restrictions, the Fire Department in cooperation with the City’s Department of Transportation, Public Works, and Police Department determined that enforcing parking restrictions only on days designated as “Red Flag” days. See map for designated “Red Flag Impacted Streets” (PDF)

In light of the outcomes of recent large fires in the State, the Fire Department has found it necessary to revisit this    issue.  We have determined that expanding the Red Flag no parking restrictions is necessary in order to protect life safety and improve our ability to evacuate residents while simultaneously deploying fire apparatus in to the VHFHSZ during a wildfire. The Fire Department recommendations were evaluated by the City’s Department of Transportation and the Police Department prior to submission to the Traffic and Parking Commission.

Below is the list of streets where the Red Flag Day No Parking restrictions are enforced.

1 La Altura Rd North of Doheny Rd Red Flag Day
2 Calle Vista Dr North of Doheny Rd
3 Schuyler Rd North of Doheny Rd
4 El Retiro Way West of Schuyler Rd
5 Calle Vista Dr West of Schuyler Rd
6 Miradero Rd West of Schuyler Rd
7 Doheny Rd East of Foothill Rd, West of Loma Vista Dr
8 Foothill Rd North of Sunset Blvd, South of Doheny Rd
9 N Hillcrest Rd North of Sunset Blvd
10 Loma Vista Dr North of Sunset Blvd
11 Carla Ridge East of Schuyler Rd, West of Loma Vista Dr
12 N Beverly Dr North of Sunset Blvd, South of Coldwater Canyon Dr
13 Coldwater Canyon Dr North of N Beverly Dr
14 Benedict Canyon Dr North of Sunset Blvd
15 San Ysidro Dr East of Tower Rd
16 Tower Rd North of Benedict Canyon Dr, South of San Ysidro Dr

During days of the year, when there exists “Red Flag” or severe fire weather danger, parking in these areas will be   prohibited.  The remainder of the time, parking will be permitted according to the City’s current plan. The designation of a Red Flag Day will frequently occur within less than 24 hours notice. This Notifications will be made utilizing the Everbridge System, the Fire Department website, street signs, Nixle/WEA Alerts, Department and City social media platforms, the City’s Public Information Officer, and Fire Department Red Flag Alert Hotline at (310) 288-1444.

Fire Danger Sign Caution Fire Danger Sign No Parking

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