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Vegetation Programs (VHFHSZ)

Wildfire threats to homes and communities built in or near wildfire prone areas will always pose a threat. Fire, by nature, is an unpredictable and often uncontrollable force but with community wide preparation, we as individuals have the ability to take measures/actions to reduce the vulnerability from wildfires through education, engineering, and enforcement.

Residents can influence fire behavior by thinning trees and shrubs, pruning lower branches, removing debris, removing highly flammable vegetation that is close in proximity to the home and maintaining clearances all year round. Breaking the continuity of vegetation fuel will help reduce chances of spread and survivability to structures. Fires don’t occur seasonally… it can happen anytime.

The following programs listed below are in place to help reduce a large scale fire from occurring in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone areas.

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Are you Ready, Set, Go?

Brush Clearance Program

Fuel Modification

Public Tree Program
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