Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Open and Promotional recruitments?

An Open Recruitment is open to all candidates, whereas a Promotional Recruitment is open to current full-time City of Beverly Hills employees who are not in their probationary period.

2. How does Human Resources process applications?

When candidates apply for a position, the application process begins once the recruitment is closed. At this point, each application is individually reviewed for the following:

  • Content (are all fields answered)
  • Minimum qualifications
  • Supplemental Questions (when applicable)
  • Supporting Documentation (when applicable)


3. How long does it take to fill a vacancy?

It depends, since the length of the recruitment is determined by the Department. Recruitments can be opened for 2 weeks to 30 days or may be opened until filled. On average, a recruitment, from opening to a candidate coming on board, can take 12 weeks.


4. How long before I get notified?

Within 2 weeks upon closing date of the recruitment


5. I have submitted my application online, do I need to walk in or mail in my paper application?

No. Your application is submitted to Human Resources electronically at which point you receive a confirmation email upon submission.


6. If I pass a written exam but am not called in for an interview, do I have to re-apply when the position becomes available again?



7. If I fail a written exam and/or interview, do I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can apply again?

No. You can re-apply immediately


8. If I fail a background exam, may I re-apply for the same position?

If you fail a background investigation, there is a waiting period of 6 months before you can re-apply.


9. What is the City's passing score on exams and interviews?

The passing score is 70.


10. What is an Eligibility List?

An eligibility is a list of applicants that passed the testing process for a position and are eligible to be hired for that position.


11. What is the difference between an Eligible List and a Memorandum of Results?

An Eligible list is a certified Civil Service list whereas a Memorandum of Results summarizes candidate results for positions exempt from Classified service such as positions in the Management & Professional Group and other various positions that are not included in the Classified Service List.


12. If I apply for an Exempt or Management & Professional position am I placed on an Eligible List?

Candidates who compete for Exempt positions are not placed on a Eligible List. Instead, the Department is given a memorandum which identifies candidates with a passing score of 70 or above. This Memorandum of Results is not an Eligible list.


13. How long can I be on an Eligible List?

Until the expiration of the list which can be anywhere between 6 months to a maximum of 18 months.


14. What is the process once the Department receives the Eligible List or Memorandum of Results?

Once a department receives the Eligible List or a Memorandum of Results, a selection interview may be conducted by the hiring department. Once the department makes their final selection, the department submits an Appointment request form to Human Resources with their recommended selected candidate. Human Resources proceeds with processing the recommended candidate by scheduling fingerprinting and any other referenced background investigation as well as making a conditional offer and finally an offer of employment.


15. What happens if the candidate is not selected?

Upon completion of the selection process, all unsuccessful candidates will be rectified by e-mail


16. What happens after a candidate is placed on the eligibility list?

Candidates may be called for one or more interview(s) with the hiring department


17. What happens after a candidate is selected?

The selected candidate receives a conditional offer letter which is subject to the candidate passing a medical exam (also a psychological exam for police and fire positions). If the candidate passes the medical exam, they will receive a final offer of employment which they need to sign and date and return to Human Resources.


18. When will my references be called?

References will be called before a conditional offer is made to the candidate and after mutual interest is established.


19. Who makes the final decision on a candidate selection? Is is Human Resources or the Department?

The Department makes the final decision on the selection of a candidate.


20. Why do some interview processes use outside panels and other inside panels?

The composition of the interview panels is determined by the hiring Department in consultation with Human Resources. Many factors are evaluated in the decision to use outside panels. These include the level of position, the number of potential internal candidates, and availability of internal subject matter experts.


21. Why are some individuals reclassified while others have to compete for a promotion?

If for at least one year an employee has been assigned and is performing a significant portion of the key responsibilities of a higher level classification, the City Manager upon recommendation of the Assistant Director of Administrative Services/Human Resources may approve a request for reclassification.


22. Why are some recruitments conducted internally while at other times, outside candidates are allowed to compete for a City position?

The hiring department determines the type of recruitment that should be administered in consultation with Human Resources. Factors used to determine whether a recruitment should be only internal include the number of potentially qualified internal candidates and the level of the position.


23. What physical agility test does the City of Beverly Hills require for firefighter applicants?

All firefighter applicants must successfully complete the Los Angeles Are Fire Chief's Physical Abilities Test (Biddle Test). For information on thr Biddle Test, call SAC at (714) 564-6845, MT, SAC at (909) 594-5611 Ext. 3025, or contact the Rio Hondo Academy at (562) 941-4082.


24. How can I be notified when there is a recruitment for Firefighters?

We recommend that you periodically visit our website or you may complete an interest card on-line.


25. What types of benefits does the City of Beverly Hills offer?

Benefit information specific to a position can be obtained by clicking on the benefits tab on the job bulletin. These benefits are established per bargaining group and are periodically revised. Full-Time employees are entitled to a generous benefit package which may include but not limited to:

  • General membership in the Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) with 2.5%@55 formula (8% employee contribution paid by the City). Safety 3%@50 formula, (9% safety employee contribution paid by the City).
  • 457 and 401(k) Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Life Insurance program and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance
  • Twelve paid holidays annually (includes two personal holidays)
  • Paid vacation
  • Sick Leave

For more information, please review the applicable labor MOU or Compensation Plan.

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