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Beverly Hills Fiber was established by the Beverly Hills City Council to provide reliable, cost-effective, high-speed broadband.  Fast internet is a matter of necessity in the global economy and of particular importance to the leading edge entertainment, healthcare, hospitality and retail companies that do business in Beverly Hills.



Beverly Hills Fiber will be offered to every premise in the city, including multi-family units and businesses.



Beverly Hills Fiber is a city-owned and operated utility providing high-speed broadband fiber service to residents and businesses.  Initially, 1 gigabit-per-second internet speeds will be offered which are significantly faster - at least twice as fast - as service currently available.



The City Council approved this initiative in February 2017. The project has a 5-year (2017-2021) timeline from ground-breaking to service online throughout the city.



The city will be divided into 100+ micro-neighborhoods so construction and installation teams can get in and out as quickly as possible.   The first step involves laying and enabling fiber and this happens on city-owned streets, and adjacent sidewalks and parkways. The 2nd step in construction is taking the fiber from the street into the homes and businesses of those who choose Beverly Hills Fiber service.



In contrast to a publicly held commercial provider, as a city-owned and operated utility we are under no financial burden with respect to profitability other than to ultimately operate Beverly Hills Fiber as a break-even entity.  Businesses will be offered an array of tiered plans at additional cost.

Construction Updates
  • One of the goals of the Beverly Hills Fiber build-out is to minimize disruption for our residents and businesses.  
  • We are segmenting the city into grids of some 100+ micro-neighborhoods. 
  • By focusing construction within a smaller footprint, we can get in and out more quickly with less irritation to residents.

Construction Map


We want to make it easy for our residents and businesses to access timely information about Beverly Hills Fiber throughout the 2017-2021 construction and installation project timeframe.


General Questions

Phone: (310) 288-1479
Alternative Number: (310) 288-2891

Once they start construction in my neighborhood, how long will it take?
A two-part construction process will be implemented in each of 100+ micro-neighborhoods in the city.

The first step involves laying and enabling fiber and this happens on city-owned streets, and adjacent sidewalks and parkways. Central, shared, city-owned switching-boxes will be installed during this initial phase of construction.

The 2nd step in construction is taking the fiber from the street into the homes and businesses of those who choose Beverly Hills Fiber service.

What we’ve learned from our fiber partners and the experienced construction and installation teams we’ve hired, is that every single premise presents different issues, requiring custom solutions. This reflects the ‘exciting’ diversity of home and commercial construction techniques! We’re committed to getting in and out of every residence as quickly as possible, but there’s no one answer about how long construction will take.

Who’s running this program?
Beverly Hills Fiber was established by an unanimous vote of support by our city council in February 2017. The program is managed by the city’s Information Technology Department under the day-to-day supervision of the City Manager.

A number of outside consultants, who have implemented similar fiber installations with success, were vetted and retained and they report to Information Technology.

Are you going to tear up my yard?
Every premise is different, but we are committed to restoring landscape and hardscape as close to its prior state as possible. As an example, if we are laying fiber in a lawn which requires trenching, we’ll carefully remove, replace and water the sod.

How much is this costing the city and how is it being funded?
In February 2017, the city council approved spending $32M to fund this initiative. Capital costs from a $10M equity contribution from unallocated revenues; internal loans of $17M borrowing against IT funds 41 and 42; and a request for $5M in working capital. There is also a 10% contingency which is customary for a project of this scale.

I don’t use the internet and I don’t like the city paying for something I won’t use.
Part of the due diligence process as we examined adding fiber, was a feasibility study which indicated that over 90% of Beverly Hills’ residents use the internet and a majority of residents said they were interested in purchasing this service. It dictated that this initiative would be prudent and appropriate. Fiber is just one element of Beverly Hills’ intent to continue to evolve as an exemplary city in every way, and one that both serves its residents and our leading edge businesses in the areas of entertainment, healthcare, hospitality and retail.

I rent and my landlord doesn’t plan to add this service. What can I do?
Adding Beverly Hills Fiber is the ultimate decision of building and homeowners. You might see if other tenants are also interested in this service and appeal to your landlord. And if you give us her/his contact information, we’d also be happy to outreach and explain the advantages of fiber-to-the-premise.

I have a contract, but I’d like to switch to Beverly Hills Fiber. Will you buy out my contract?
No. Except in rare cases, there are no installation fees with Beverly Hills Fiber and no contracts. We’re keeping overhead as low as possible in an effort to make service affordable, and there are no provisions to buy out contracts. We’ll be happy to add you on whenever you’re ready.


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