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How the Residents of Beverly Hills Can Help

No person shall engage in or carry on any solicitation for contributions for any charitable purpose in Beverly Hills without a permit issued by the Charitable Solicitations Commission. The purpose of this permit process is to protect charitable assets for their intended use and to ensure that the charitable donations contributed by the residents of Beverly Hills are not misappropriated through fraud or other dishonest means. The Commission has reason to believe the following organizations may have conducted charitable solicitations in Beverly Hills without a City of Beverly Hills Charitable Solicitations permit:

Event Date
Event Location

 American Youth Symphony


 UCLA Royce Hall



SLS Hotel Los Angeles

The American Ballet Theatre


Pritzker Home

Face Forward


Millennium Biltmore Hotel



Malibu Country Mart

Blind Children's Center


The Brookside Golf Club

Boy Scouts of America, Western Los Angeles County


The Sheraton Universal Hotel

Gorrilla Doctors


Hinoki and the Bird Restaurant, Century City

Los Angeles Conservancy


Clifton's Cafeteria, Los Angeles

We ask for your assistance for any information regarding these unpermitted events. The Commission is requesting any information about these possible unpermitted activities.

Please contact us with any information you may have by calling the Commission Secretary at (310) 285-2109 or by emailing

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