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Parking Permit Program
for Registration assistance

Please call (424) 389-5482 or email


The Residential Parking Permit Program has been relaunched. While there are NO parking permit policy changes, you will need to re-register for a parking account. The relaunched permit program will rely on vehicle license plates, also known as Permit by Plate.

The Beverly Hills Police Department utilizes license plate recognition technology to further expand consistent coverage and maintain visibility within our neighborhoods while adding more security features. Permit by Plate is a convenient solution for residents as you will no longer be required to display a hangtag daily.

The new permit registration process began on January 3, 2023.  

To complete your online permit application, please have your required documentation ready for submittal. PLEASE NOTE, THE DOCUMENTS NEED TO BE SCANNED AS ONE ATTACHMENT.

overnight permits

Overnight permits are $129 each for the remainder of the permit year. To apply for overnight permits please have the following ready:

  1. Your residential lease agreement
  2. All Vehicle registrations
  3. Driver’s license

*additional documents may be required in some cases

daytime permits

Daytime permits are $39 each for the remainder of the permit year. To apply for daytime permits please have the following ready:

  1. A current gas/ or electric bill
  2. Vehicle registration
  3. Driver’s license
Other Permits
  • Out-of-state: $167.00
  • Caregiver: $13.00

* If your vehicle is registered to your Beverly Hills address, you will have the option to automatically verify the address using your vehicle registration.

Visit to register. Permit by Plate applications will be approved almost immediately and there will be no need to receive a hangtag by mail.

Residents who had permits prior to 2019 that would like to opt-out of Permit by Plate can choose to keep the hangtag option. Please note that combination of hangtags and Permit by Plate is not allowed. If you are purchasing hangtags, please estimate up to four (4) weeks for processing and mailing. Residents requiring a daytime AND overnight permit for their vehicle are not eligible for a hangtag permit.

2023 Preferential Parking Permits and Overnight Parking Permits were required by April 1, 2023.

If you have any questions, please call (424) 389-5482 or email

Parking Permit Instructions

Parking Permit FAQs

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