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Trees on Public Property

The parkway trees that line the streets of Beverly Hills, as well as the trees in the parks of our City, comprise the City's urban forest. The management of the City of Beverly Hills urban forest is the responsibility of the Parks and Recreation Department - Urban Forestry Division. It is a violation of the City of Beverly Hills Municipal Code (Sec. 5-6.1001) for people who are not official representatives or authorized agents of the City of Beverly Hills to prune, remove, make attachment to, or otherwise damage a city street or park tree.

From its inception, the management of the City of Beverly Hills urban forest has been a master planned effort. The Green and Cook Community Plan of 1906 is credited with the original planting of trees along the streets of the City. The idea of this plan was to uniformly plant a specie of tree along a street, and to vary the specie of tree along the different streets of the City. Some of the original street tree plantings did not adapt well to the area. Other trees began to crowd each other as they matured. While the loss of mature trees is a somber event, removal and replacement of declining trees plays an important role in the long-term sustainability of our urban forest.

Carrying on a tradition of master planned urban forestry; the City Council approved phase I of the Street Tree Master Plan in 1996. This plan set the groundwork for the replacement of declining street trees in the City's urban forest. Without the input and support of residents of the City, this plan would not have been possible. The Street Tree Master Plan looks toward making sure that those who call Beverly Hills their home, as well as those who visit the City, will always have street trees to enjoy. To learn more about the Street Tree Master Plan, click here.

Environmental responsibility plays an important role in the management of the City of Beverly Hills urban forest. Pruning debris is recycled into useful landscape mulches as part of the green waste program. Some of the declining trees that are removed from the City of Beverly Hills urban forest are recycled as well. Benches made from these trees are available to residents of the City through the Logs to Lumber program.

The City of Beverly Hills has been a Tree City USA award recipient each year for nearly three decades. An annual Arbor Day program, the Street Tree Master Plan, a well managed tree care program and environmental responsibility are all significant factors in the City's ability to receive this prestigious award each year.

Other than seeing to the protection and protected trees that are indigenous to the Beverly Hills area, the City does not manage or maintain trees on private property. To see the list of protected trees, click here. You may wish to contact an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist to assist you with the management of trees on your private property.

The input of residents plays a strong role in how our urban forest is managed and developed. We appreciate your input.

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