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City Parking Structures

The City of Beverly Hills has many convenient parking structures located throughout the City. Please consult the parking structure guide map below for locations and general information.  The red diamonds indicate two hours of free parking.

Click the links below to view the flyers for more detailed information, including parking rates:


Drive an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

The City's New Electric Vehicle Charging Policy Took Effect January 1, 2019

Read the February/March 2019 Public Works Backbone for more information

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Fees are in addition to fees for parking within the structure.

Charging Station Fees:

  • Energy Fee: $.25 per kWh and
  • Station Fee: Free for the first two (2) hours; $6.00 each additional hour

The updated policy encourages more efficient use of City's 35 EV charging stations. 

There are currently 59 level 2 connections available in the 14 City parking facilities and Roxbury Park.

Find a ChargePoint location & availability.


Parking Structure Guide
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