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Wilshire/Rodeo Station

Metro- Rodeo Station

When will the Wilshire/Rodeo Station open for subway riders?

Metro is expected to open the Wilshire/Rodeo and Century City/Constellation stations in 2025. The entrance for the Wilshire/Rodeo Station will be at the southwest corner of the Wilshire and Reeves intersection. This site currently serves as the Reeves Staging Yard for Metro and its contractor.

Will there be an entrance to the station closer to Rodeo?

The City will be building a second entrance for the Wilshire/Rodeo Station at the northwest corner of the Wilshire and Beverly intersection. This entrance is referred to as the North Portal and will provide more direct access to and from jobs, stores, and amenities in the Business Triangle.

While the City intends to have the North Portal open at the same time as the Wilshire/Rodeo Station, the opening date depends on grant funding availability and requirements. The design phase of this project is expected to begin in spring/summer 2022.

For more information and documents related to the North Portal project, click on the Related Mobility Projects tab under Additional Information.

What will happen to the Reeves and Canon construction staging yards when the station opens?

The Reeves Yard will become the station entrance for the Wilshire/Rodeo Station (see artist’s rendering at the top of this page). While future development above the entrance is possible, there are no current plans to do so.

Although the Canon Yard was once considered as a possible location for the station’s North Portal, there are no current plans to develop the site.

Will the North Canon Drive closure be permanent?

In September 2019, North Canon Drive was closed and the contractor began the installation of the 20-foot soundwall at Wilshire Boulevard. This was in response to community feedback and to help lessen the impacts of construction. At the time, Beverly Hills City Council had approved the closure for a minimum of two years. In the fall of 2022, City Council will consider reopening North Canon Drive or extending the closure through the completion of construction (late 2025).

Is it safe to have a subway tunnel under my property?

The future subway will operate mostly under Wilshire Boulevard; however, there are segments where the tunnel passes below homes and businesses in the southwest neighborhood of the City and Beverly Hills High School, as well as between Century City and Westwood.

The subway tunnels are generally 50 to 70 feet below the surface, reaching depths greater than 100 feet in some areas. Few, if any, impacts are expected at the surface from tunnel construction. The tunnels are dug completely underground using the latest tunneling technology. All tunnels are engineered to withstand the weight of soil and structures, as well as potential seismic activity.

Tunneling from Century City to the Wilshire/Rodeo Station was completed in January 2022. The next step is to tunnel along Wilshire Boulevard to the Wilshire/La Cienega Station.

Will there be any art incorporated into the Wilshire/Rodeo Station?

As part of the Purple (D Line) Extension project, the Metro Art Department selects artists to develop unique artworks for each of the future subway stations. The City of Beverly Hills – Arts & Cultural Commission is involved in the artist selection process for the Wilshire/La Cienega and Wilshire/Rodeo stations. For information on the program itself, visit Metro’s Purple (D Line) Extension Art Program website.

The artist selection is currently in progress for the Wilshire/Rodeo Station entrance and platform.




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