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Recycling and Conservation

The City of Beverly Hills has developed an integrated approach to waste collection services, which includes trash, green waste and recycling collection. These programs help the City reduce waste sent to landfills.

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How Do I Recycle? 

Recycling is easy!  You no longer need to sort out recyclables...the City does it for you!

The City has an integrated approach for refuse collection services including trash, green waste and recycling.  BLACK containers are for all household refuse including recyclables and GREEN containers are for yard clippings only.  The mixed waste from your black container is sent to a material recovery facility where the recyclables are sorted and the yard clippings are sent to a composting facility.

This new system has enabled to City to meet and exceed a state mandated 50% diversion of waste from landfills.


Did you know…?
  • The City recycles more than 70% of the residential and commercial garbage.
  • Green waste, i.e. yard clippings, is turned into compost.
  • The City collects e-waste (electronic devices, batteries, etc) at the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market on the first Sunday of each month. 
  • Batteries may also be brought to the Beverly Hills Public Library for recycling.


Green practices begin with you!  Now is the time to start practicing the three R's…
  • REDUCE the amount of trash you produce
  • REUSE items before discarding them 
  • RECYCLE all possible materials

For more information contact Public Works Customer Service.


Public Works Customer Service

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