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CALIFORNIA IS STILL conserving water

Do your part, be water smart:

  • Two (2) day per week watering due to  Drought:
    • Monday and Friday -             North of Santa Monica Blvd
    • Tuesday and Saturday -        South of Santa Monica Blvd
  • No watering (sprinklers or hose) after 9 am or before 6 pm
  • Appx 8 minutes for overhead sprinklers and 15-20 for drip irrigation
  • Turn OFF your irrigation system before a rain event. It can be left Off for long periods if there’s significant rainfall.
  • Supplemental watering for trees allowed
  • Violations will be issued for non-compliance
  • 30% citywide water reduction goal
  • Find and fix leaks immediately
  • See “Residents” or “Businesses” pages below for more tips and information.                                         

Water Leaks are mostly caused by running toilets. One toilet can run up to 200 gallons an hour. Other common continuous water flow issues are auto fills in pools or fountains, irrigation system issues and/or broken pipes.  Many leaks are not visible and can waste up to 5,000 gallons a day!  


    water efficiency is a way of life    

If you have a continuous water flow issue at your property, please check out the City's Leak Flyer for more information. To see if you have a leak or are over watering your landscape - sign up for the City's free Water Tracker program.   

Tree Rebates

Thinking about starting a turf replacement project? You can now receive a $100 rebate per tree for up to five trees planted while you replace your grass with a beautiful California Friendly® landscape. 

Rebate Requirements

A tree is defined as a woody perennial plant with many secondary branches supported above the ground by one main stem or trunk.

  • Trees must be planted within the turf replacement project area.
  • Trees must be a minimum size of 15 gallons when purchased and planted.
  • Trees are expected to grow to at least 15-feet tall and 10-feet wide at maturity. This does not apply to edible fruit trees.
  • Fruit trees will only be rebated for residential properties, not commercial.

Visit SoCalWater$mart for information on how to apply.

The City would like to help you use water more efficiently. For more details or to report water wasting, please contact us at or at 310-285-2467.





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