There are a variety of simple changes you can make inside your home to use water more efficiently.
Do Full Loads of Dishes & Laundry

  • Replace old toilets, dish washers and washing machines with new, high efficiency models. There are rebates for many of these devices.
  •  Check for leaks in toilets, faucets and showers, and repair immediately.
  •  Shorten showers to five minutes or less, and use a low-flow shower head (the City provides these at no cost).
  • Track your water use with the City's free Water Tracker program.  This program will show you daily water use and alert you of leaks.  One leaky toilet can waste 120 to 4,800 gallons of water per day!
  •  Check out other simple ways to conserve within your home.
  • Wash full loads of laundry and dishes.


Your yard and landscape consume the majority of your home’s total water use. Below are a variety of ways to use water more efficiently.

  • Water in the early morning to minimize evaporation (Per BHMC, water after 5:00 pm or before 9:00 am).
  • Check and adjust your sprinkler time monthly.   You can water 2 to 3 days a week (October through May) and 3 days per week (June through September).
  • Water 8 minutes per station for traditional, overhead sprinklers.  Drip will have to run longer - It's more efficient to run longer to get the water deep into the soil to the roots of the plant.
  • Check your sprinkler system monthly for leaks and broken heads.
  • Consider the “cycle and soak” method if you have a slope or clay soil. Run your sprinklers for a few minutes until you see run off.  Then, run them again an hour later for a few minutes.  This will help get the water deep into soil.
  • Put a back-up battery (typically a 9-volt) in the back of your controller in case the electricity goes out. 
  • Water your grass as efficiently as possible (see Watering Your Lawn Flyer).
  • Install a weather-based irrigation controller. This will automatically adjust your watering schedule and amount based on the weather. Rebates are available.
  • Replace your sprinklers with rotating sprinkler nozzles and use 20% less water. Also make sure your sprinklers are not watering your sidewalk or driveway. Rebates are available.
  • Remove your grass and install water-wise plants that thrive in our climate. There are a variety of beautiful plant options to choose from.  For more information on drought-tolerant landscaping, visit the Los Angeles Coastal Cities Water Wise Gardening website and/or check out the Beverly Hills Garden Book.
  • Sign up for the City of Beverly Hills’ FREE Water Tracker program which displays daily water use and will notify you of abnormally high daily usage and/or continuous water flow issues.  Create an account at .

Tips for Reducing Water Use

• Check toilet for leaks. Repair it or replace it. This can waste thousands of gallons each monthHow to Detect and Repair Toilet Leaks
• Check faucets for leak. Repair it or replace it. This can waste thousands of gallons each month. How to Fix a Leaky Faucet (video)
• Check sprinklers for leaks and runoff. Repair or replace.
• Replace sprinkler heads with water saving ones. Irrigation Conversion (video)
• Check your sprinkler controller to make sure it’s set property.  Check Your Sprinkler Controller
• Check for generous rebates on water saving devices.


Water Wise Landscaping Workshops 

The City of Beverly Hills hosts FREE Water Wise Landscaping Workshops to help our customers learn how to
create beautiful, water wise landscapes.
• Check back for upcoming Workshops!
All classes are free and will be held at the City of Beverly Hills’ Public Works Building at
345 Foothill Road.  To RSVP or for information on previous workshops, please contact Debby Figoni at or 310-285-2492.


Rebates Get Paid to Save

Rebates are available for upgrading to high-efficiency appliances including toilets, clothes washers, weather-based irrigation controllers and more. For a list of eligible appliances and details on the rebates, visit