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Beverly Hills residents and businesses receive their electrical power from Southern California Edison. If your electricity stays off for longer than a few minutes, Southern California Edison wants to know. Call SCE to report a power outage at 800-611-1911. You can also visit SCE's Outage Center to report outages, get the latest information regarding planned maintenance and/or rotating outages, and/or to sign up for outage alert notification preferences.

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The decommissioning of the San Onofre Nucelar Generating Station and the Aliso Canyon gas leak have prompted Southern California Edison to advise that there may be a high risk of rotating power outages this summer. Given the relatively greater demand for power during the summer months and the circumstances of a reduced power supply, all residents of Los Angeles County must take action to conserve electricity. If electricity is not conserved, the risk of rotating power outages is likely to increase.

The following links provide key information from SCE:

About Rotating Outages

Outage Information

View Current Outages 

SCE Summer Tips

SCE Safety Tips


Important Information About SCE Crews and Contractors in Beverly Hills

Southern California Edison (SCE) and contractor crews will be working off and on in Beverly Hills to make improvements to the electrical grid. SCE is doing this maintenance work for the power grid to be modern and reliable. Please visit the SCE website for more information. 


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