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Water Flow Capacity Test Requests for Fire Sprinkler Design


In an effort to expedite the issuance of Water Flow Capacity Test data, also known as Fire Flow Test, for construction projects requiring fire sprinklers, the City’s Department of Public Works Water Bureau can provide historical Fire Flow Test data at a minimal cost.  Fire Flow data will also provide the last water pressure (PSI) reading for the block. For information on costs related to this service, visit the schedule of taxes, fees, and charges webpage. 

To request historical Fire Flow Test data, simply email or call the Department of Public Works at the contact information below and provide the project site’s exact address. A staff member will be in contact with you with the most recent Fire Flow data from the nearest fire hydrants to your project site. This includes completing Los Angeles County Forms 195 and 196 for project sites located in West Hollywood.

Please note, Fire Flow Test data older than one year old may not be acceptable for Fire Sprinkler Plan approval. If the Fire Flow Test data is older, you will be provided an application with payment instructions to have new a Fire Flow Test conducted by the City. Please allow up to three business days for a written response. Further questions may be directed to the Department of Public Works. For more information on Fire Plan Checks, click here.

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