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Water Treatment Plant

The City's beautiful water treatment plant and Public Works facility opened Wednesday, June 25, 2003.   The facility is located on Foothill Road between Alden Drive and Third Street.


In 1928 the City recognized the need to increase its water supply reliability to meet growth by purchasing the Sherman Water Company.  The same year, the City became a member agency of the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). 

In 1941, the City began to accept delivery of imported water from MWD. Between 1941and 1976 the City supplemented its water supply by treatment of groundwater but in 1976 the City officially ceased the development and production of the local water resources due to economics, and became 100% reliant on imported water purchased from the MWD.

In 1997, by City Council direction, the Public Works Department began to explore the possibilities of local water development and started soliciting bids from qualified companies to develop a water treatment plant and ground water pumping operations.  New legislation was enacted permitting public-private partnerships enabling Design, Build, Operate and Finance (DBOF) contracts. 

The City of Beverly Hills and Earth Tech entered into a multi-year agreement in February 2001. Earth Tech developed a design of a water treatment plant and public works facility according to the city’s criteria and will build, operate and finance that facility for a minimum of five years up to 20 years with options for the City to purchase or take ownership of the facility after five years.  

The City will purchase water from Earth Tech. With a subsidy from MWD, the cost of the purchase will equal to current rates of water purchases from MWD.

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