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Art Show Brochure and Application

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 Dear Artist,

The final deadline is Thursday, February 21st at midnight, Pacific Standard Time!  (The early application deadline for the spring art show was February 14th at midnight.)

The spring show will be held on May 18 & 19, 2019.

If you are interested in applying to the upcoming May show please quickly review the general information immediately below.  Then, on the website for Juried Art Services, you can:  1. REGISTER/CREATE YOUR PROFILE, 2. CREATE A PORTFOLIO, and 3. APPLY.

We ask all artists to be completely aware that this show is carefully juried by a panel of fine art professionals.  There are always many more applicants than space allows, so not all artists will be accepted.  An outside panel (which changes from show to show) selects the artists for every show.


PART A - Four application items are needed.

We require from any artist, for each show application, the following FOUR ITEMS:

1. 8 distinct photos of 8 separate pieces of art within one single, specific category.  The 11 categories are: painting | watercolor | traditional printmaking and/or drawing | photography | digital art | 2-D mixed media | 3-D mixed media | sculpture | ceramics | glass | jewelry.  Please submit artwork that is no older than 4 years.

2. 1 photo or drawing of your display at the show (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE BOOTH DISPLAY SAMPLES).  Bear in mind that your space will be a minimum of 12.5 feet wide x 10 feet deep, on a flat lawn area, so use this information when photographing, drawing or otherwise creating your display image.  Photographs preferred to drawings, but drawings are accepted.  You may request a larger space when you fill out the form, but no advance guarantees!  (Overhead structures like canopies cannot be larger than 10' X 10', even though all of the spaces are larger; wall units cannot be taller than 8'.)

3. a $35.00 application fee if applying by early deadline (2/14/2019).  The fee is $55 if applying by final deadline (2/21/2019).

4.  A $395.00 acceptance fee, will be required, only if accepted.  It is not required now.

(If you decide to apply, we suggest that you select the 8 artwork photos you want to show the jury, along with one (1) photo or drawing of your display.  Then gather those photos together in one convenient, easy-to-find place within your computer.  Make sure they are all high-resolution photos.)


PART B - Read this JURIED ART SERVICES information.

We partner with Juried Art Services to bring you a simple application, along with a complete brochure describing the event for artists.

Right BEFORE you log on, please READ the 3 steps which correspond to the 3 SEPARATE SECTIONS of Juried Art Services: 1) your PROFILE, 2) your PORTFOLIO, and 3) your APPLICATION.

1. If you are new to Juried Art Services, the 1st step should be to Register Now (command on upper right side of page) and CREATE A PROFILE.  This is just your professional contact information.

2. Then CREATE A PORTFOLIO.  Name your portfolio something simple like: BHartSHOW-Spring2019.

Now you'll upload at least 8 high resolution photos of your art and 1 booth display image to your portfolio, but not yet to your application - uploading photos DOES take time.  Rules for the digital sizes of your photos are on the JAS website.

3. APPLY.  Fill out the application form, and then SELECT 8 photos of 8 individual artworks and 1 photo or rendering of your anticipated display. The early application deadline fee is $35, and is due by February 14th, 2019 at midnight.  The final deadline is February 21st, 2019, and the fee to apply is $55. 

When you have read this over and are ready to create your profile, portfolio and then apply, click here -  APPLY NOW


 If you have more questions about applying, you may also call us at 310.285.6836, or email Karenkmclean@beverlyhills.org.

You may also let us know that you would like to be on our artists' list for information on future art shows by emailing us at artshow@beverlyhills.org.

The fall show will be held on October 19 & 20.  (The shows are held always twice each year, during the third full weekend of May and the third full weekend of October.)

Thank you very much for your interest in The Beverly Hills artSHOW, and good luck!