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Exploring Beverly Hills artSHOW LAAA Gallery
LAAA Gallery

at the

The Los Angeles Art Association brings emerging and imaginative artists to The Beverly Hills artSHOW.

The Los Angeles Art Association, a featured gallery and arts partner to the event, presented an installation by multi-media artist Brandon Hudson, in and around a giant cypress tree near the center of the show.  Hexagons formed an abstract hive-like sculpture which also contained hexagonal snowflakes.  The machine-generated snowflake, like that seen in a non-functioning tv screen, was also an inspiration  for this work.  (Work appeared in Space 228 A - October 19 & 20, 2013)

Channelcomb detail, Brandon Hudson

Channelcomb detail, Brandon Hudson


The LAAA also exhibited the double-take objects of a superb craftswoman whose art begs the wonderful question: Why is the fine art we revere made of one thing instead of another?  She drops the viewer into a rabbit hole land where "an axe made of glass is as likely as a torso made of bronze."   To further quote Rachel Kaster, "I strive to make work that will lead the viewer to engage in a moment of fantasy, to imagine a world in which materials such as wood, glass and metal have unlimited potential."  (Work appeared in Space 224 A - October 19 & 20, 2013)

Puncture, Rachel Kaster Silence, Rachel Kaster


Kelly Berg shared a space with Rachel Kaster.  Art critic Shana Nys Dambrot has said Ms. Berg's work is as formidable as a hand-drawn continent; in other words, it's both sweeping and detailed, effectively mind-blowing.  The work appears fairly abstract, but Ms. Berg states that "the paintings are actually built out of many layers of pictorial and abstract imagery.  This imagery includes natural phenomena, ancient ruins, faces, optical patterns, circuitry, cityscapes, rock formations, vegetation, animals, and natural disasters." (Work appeared in Space 224 A - October 19 & 20, 2013)

 Strawberry Electric Slide, Kelly Berg Amazonia, Kelly Berg


The LAAA booths will be near the Art Show's main information booth.                              

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, LAAA's mission is to provide opportunities, resources, services and exhibition venues for Los Angeles artists, with an emphasis on emerging talent. Founded in 1925, LAAA has launched the art careers of many celebrated artists and has played a central role in the formation of Los Angeles' arts community.

Today, LAAA continues to play a central role in the Los Angeles arts community by providing our artist members and the public with exceptional exhibitions and programs, as well as a forum for exchange and education through lectures, workshops and networking opportunities. LAAA serves a broad cross section of artists of all mediums, career levels and socio-economic backgrounds, including those from low income communities. By supporting the emerging talent at the onset of their career path, we hope to influence all the cultural stakeholder groups in Los Angeles and contribute to the cultural identity of our community. LAAA is pledged to providing emerging artists with the experience, education and exposure needed to create and sustain a career in the arts.

For information on the Beverly Hills artSHOW contact 310.285.6830.

For information on the Los Angeles Art Association visit its website or call 310.652.8272.