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Meet the Author

During the half-hour program, authors describe their approach to the writing process, talk about character development, and sometimes share a sneak peek at their works in progress.  From its inception, the Meet the Author series has served to promote literacy, and an interest in reading and writing, by giving students direct access to authors who share their personal stories, offer their writing tips, and encourage students to “keep reading, keep writing, keep dreaming.”  The connection established between authors and students brings the process of reading and writing to life.  As a result, students are motivated to read new books, write their own stories, practice the art of illustration, and find and establish their places in a reading and writing world.

Upcoming Shows:

Thursday Dec. 6 at 3:30 pm - Rosalyn Schanzer
Non-fiction writing competes with high drama in Rosalyn Schanzer’s beautiful books that depict the life and times of real heroes, legends, and historical events.  Winner of numerous awards, her latest publication, Witches! The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem won The Society of Illustrators’ Gold Medal for best illustrated book of 2011.  Children's author and Illustrator, Schanzer likes “being a detective who finds true stories from history that hardly anybody has ever heard.”  All of her books include a bibliography of books and primary sources.


Thursday Dec. 13 at 3:30 pm - Neal Shusterman
Neal Shusterman grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where he began writing at an early age. After spending his junior and senior years of high school at the American School of Mexico City, Shusterman went on to UC Irvine, where he made his mark on the UCI swim team, and wrote a successful humor column. Within a year of graduating, he had his first book deal, and was hired to write a movie script.A successful novelist, screenwriter, and television writer, Shusterman is frequently cited as a top pick for reluctant readers. Unwind, Everlost, and Downsiders are a few of Shusterman’s award winning books that show his unique approach to writing. Young writers and readers can tune in and learn all about bringing fictional stories to life.


Thursday Dec. 20 at 3:30 pm - Eoin Colfer
After selling twenty million books, the adventures of Artemis Fowl come to an end with the publication of The Last Guardian.  From his first book Benny and Omar to The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World to Plugged to the finale of the multi award-winning Artemis Fowl series, Colfer’s amazing imagination delights readers of all ages.  According to this Irish writer, “I will keep writing until people stop reading or I run out of ideas. Hopefully neither of these will happen anytime soon.”  MTA student reporter landed an exclusive interview with the author.  During the program, Colfer, a rock star of fantasy fiction, talks to his fans about fairy magic, Irish inspiration, and why Artemis and Captain Holly Short are such endearing characters.