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Beverly Hills This Week - 03/22/2019

Stories for the March 22nd edition: 1. City Council Installation Highlights 3/20Cast: Beverly Hills Television
"Beverly Hills We're All In This Together"

Cast: Beverly Hills Television
A Year as Mayor | Julian A. Gold, M.D.

Cast: Beverly Hills Television
The Streets of Beverly Hills | by Mayor John Mirisch

Cast: Beverly Hills Television
Team Beverly Hills 2018

These are highlights from the latest Team Beverly Hills program. The program takes residents through the inner workings of Beverly Hills city government in an attempt to inspire more resident participation in city government.Cast: Beverly Hills Television
Music in the Mansion | Romantic Pairings

Aaron Haas and Anastasia Milliaras give a unique presentation of original voice/guitar cycles of Spanish composers sung in Ladino, Spanish, and English - their repertoire also includes Native American songs. Laurel Irene & Jaxon Williams offer fun repertoire of American music of 20th and 21st centuries. All of these fast-rising artists are currently or recently in USC's renowned Thornton School of Music graduate programs. Filmed on Sunday, February 17, 2019 at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA.Cast: Beverly Hills Television
Beverly Hills This Week - 03/08/2019

Stories for the March 8th edition: 1. City Council Honors Residents 2. City Council Installation - 03/20 3. Metro Purple Line Community Meeting - 3/13 4. Music in the Mansion - 3/17 5. Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon - 3/24Cast: Beverly Hills Television
La Cienega Park Master Plan | Town Hall Meeting #1

Recorded at the La Cienega Park Community Center on February 27, 2019. For additional information and questions, please send an email to: For more information on the La Cienega Park Project, visit: Beverly Hills Television
Beverly Hills This Week - 03/01/2019

Stories for the March 1 edition: 1. Sprinkler Shut Off 2. Summer Camp Showcase 3. Nurse Practitioners 4. City Council Installation - 03/20Cast: Beverly Hills Television
Beverly Hills This Week - 02/22/2019

Stories for the February 22nd edition: 1. New Interactive Crime Map 2. City Launches Nurse Practitioner Program 3. Crustacean Beverly Hills Legacy Business Award 4. La Cienega Town Hall Meeting - 02/27 5. Crescent Drive Street Closure 2/12 - 2/28Cast: Beverly Hills Television
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