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Living Dog Park Recent Donations


Donor Recognition
$100,000 Lili Bosse In Recognition of Honorable Lili and Jon Bosse
$30,000 Family Sen In Loving Memory of Alp Sen
$25,000 Tina Sinatra In Honor of her parents Nancy Barbato Sinatra and Frank Sinatra.
$25,000 The Amanda Foundation

In Memory of Robert Keenan

$10,000 Esther S.M. Chui-Chao


$5000 Partik Mahoney / West Coast Arborists, INC.   
$5,000 Thomas Schulhof In Recognition Annie & Tom Schulhof
$5,000 Mildred A. Schuber In Loving Memory of Mark Richard Schuber
$5,000 Lili Bosse  
$5,000 Jamie and Daniel Ross  
$5,000 Frances Bilak  
$5,000 The Beverly Hills Courier  
$5,000 Live Nation


$5,000 Michael J Libow In Honor of Sally & Mitch
$1,800 Lili Bosse In Honor of Teddy
$1,000 Sharon Ignarro In Recognition Jack, Lucy, Mary dog & Rory
$1,000 George Chavez In Memory of Donielle Kahikina
$1,000 The Kiesel Family In Recognition The Kiesel Family
$1,000 Jerry Sweet In Recognition of Jerry & Jack Sweet
$1,000 Harvey Englander & Donna Black


$1,000 Annette & Marc Saleh  
$1,000 Simone & Lester Friedman Simone & Lester Friedman & Family
$1,000 Alan R. Block Jan and Alan Block
$1,000 The Wolfen Family Jake, Lily & Ruby.  3 great dogs & friends!
$1,000 Myrna Zimmerman Anita Green, who truly loved dogs!
$1,000 Terrie Gerber Honoring my best friend Jenny
$500 Michael Collins & Daniel Banchik In Recognition of Daniel Banchik
$500 The Friend Family Dog Park
$500 Michael Chill  
$300 Anonymous In Honor of Ruby, Dre & Rexx
$250 Aesop Rene Jesus Marterella  
$250 Anonymous  
$250 Francine & Howard Fisher In Recognition of Snowie
$250 Michelle Ficarra/ The Agency In Recognition of Teresa Ficarra
$250 Bardack Family Trust  

Gloria Jennings-Milkowski &
Lou Milkowski

Gloria, Lou, & Latkee Angel Jennings-Milkowski
$200 Danna Ruscha In Recognition of Lili Bosse
$200 Kathleen Rothner  
$200 Anonymous  
$200 Allen Rennett  
$150 Rhoda Sharp In Recognition of Lili Bosse
$100 Argel T. Dionio Argel T. Dionio
$100 Bialer Family Trust Joe, Rachel, Ilan, Boris, Matti Bialer
$100 Bud & Carol Foran  
$100 Jennifer L. Shannon-Yeganhe In Recognition of Shannon-Yeganhe Foundation
$100 Adam Frankel  
$100 Johnathan Seltzer  
$100 Diane Shader Smith In Recognition of Lili Bosse
$100 Terrie Gerber  
$100 Judy Okun  
$100 Bud & Carole Foran  
$100 Lisa Crystal  
$100 Victoria Talbot Chai & Latte
$100 Lanna and Jay Solnit Lili Bosse
$100 Cindy Koral Lola
$100 Stan & Dianne King Otto
$100 Kimberly and Benjamin Reiss For Our Henry
$81 Alma Ordaz Duque, Neron, Winston... my dog angels.  
$67 Staff Donation  
$65 Cathy & Michael Barry In Honor of Lester Friedman's 65th  birthday
$50 Monica & Joel Brener In Recognition of Lili Bosse
$50 Jared Minami In Recognition of father George Minami
$36 Ori Blumenfeld  
$25 Barry Jacobs In Honor of Buddy
$25 Robert Block Snoopy
$25 Gail Lowenstein  
$25 Jeff Tilem/ Pioneer Hardware  
$20 Nicola & Sherrine Budiman In Recognition of Toro
$20 Tabitha Lee  
$10 Anonymous Inca