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Power Outages
Power to the City of Beverly Hills is provided by Southern California Edison. Power outages can occur during the summer months when demand for energy is high.
For a map of current outages, visit Southern California Edison- Outage Map
 The City recommends that residents and visitors do their part in being prepared in advance, knowing just how to react when a blackout does occur, and conserving energy. The following are lists of suggested preparedness tips, instructions for what to do when a blackout occurs and energy conservation measures
Build an Outage Supply Kit:
  1. First Aid Kit: Make sure to include prescription medications – check the expiration dates
  2. Bottled Water: Experts recommend a gallon per person per day
  3. Lanterns, flashlights & batteries: Store them where you can easily find them – even when it’s dark
  4. Non-perishable food: Choose items that don’t require cooking or heating
  5. Manual can opener
  6. Coolers or ice chests: Have a few to store ice in case of a lengthy outage 
  7. Battery-operated radio: To access news reports
  8. Fresh batteries: For all battery-powered equipment
  9. External rechargeable battery pack: To charge cell phones and other electronic devices 
  10. Backup power generator 
Prepare Your Home:
  • Place flashlights/lanterns in handy locations, such as near the phone
  • Install surge protectors to help safeguard electronic equipment
  • Familiarize yourself with your home’s utility boxes (electricity, water and gas) and how to turn them off; keep the proper tools to do so handy
  • Learn how to manually open your automatic garage doors or gates
  • Keep the gas tank in at least one car half full at all times
  • If you have a portable gas generator, identify an outdoor location where you can safely use it during a power outage - never use it indoors
Prepare Your Workplace:
  • Learn how to override or manually operate security gates
  • Develop a business continuity plan that defines employee roles and responsibilities during an electric outage
  • Create a list of critical equipment that must be turned off during an outage to prevent damage
  • Familiarize yourself with your office’s utility boxes (electricity, water and gas) and how to turn them off; keep the proper tools to do so handy
  • If you plan to operate an emergency generator during any outage, inform your power provider (this helps protect employees from possible electrical back feed)
  • If you have a portable gas generator, identify an outdoor location where you can safely use it in a power outage - never use it indoors
  • If you do not have a generator, consider renting a portable one
Preparedness Tips:
  • Keep flashlights and batteries handy at all times.
  • Know how to manually open your electric garage door.
  • Have a battery-operated radio on hand.
  • Cordless telephones will not operate without electricity. Cord-based telephones should be considered.
  • Keep gas tanks at least 1/2 full.
  • Listen to the news for instructions.
  • Obtain alternate power or battery back-up power for essential equipment or for medical conditions requiring power operated apparatus.
If Blackouts Occur:
  • Listen to the news and the City's AM 1500 radio station for instructions.
  • Stay out of areas without power.
  • Drive carefully as traffic lights may be out.
  • Check fire alarms, security systems, and elevators, as they may not work without electricity. Take appropriate precautions.
  • Only call 911 in a life-threatening emergency.
Conservation Measures:
  • Shift electric usage to non-peak hours, before 4pm or after to 7pm.
  • Set thermostat at 68 degrees when at home and 55 when not at home.
  • Reduce non-essential equipment to non-peak hours: washers and dryers, dishwashers, swimming pool equipment. 
  • Unplug all appliances and electronics when not in use.
  • Turn off heat by closing vents in rooms that are not in use. 
For additional information on rolling blackouts, contact the Edison Hotline Number at (800) 655-4555. Or to report an outage, please call (800) 611-1911.
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