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Stage D Overview 

The City of Beverly Hills continues to promote water use efficiency and conservation.  As such, water use restrictions including a 2-day watering schedule are still in effect.  

Watering Restrictions

1.  Outdoor watering will be restricted to two days a week.

2.  Plumbing and irrigation leaks will need to be repaired as soon as practicable. The City may issue notices to repair visible leaks.

3.  Exterior wash-down of buildings and vehicles are prohibited with the exception of the following:

If the commercial car wash or commercial service station uses reclaimed wastewater.

If the health, safety and welfare of the public are contingent upon frequent vehicle cleaning. For example, garbage trucks and vehicles transporting food and perishables.

4.  Water usage from fire hydrants will be limited to firefighting or other activities necessary to main the pubic health, safety and welfare.

5.  Refilling of pools, spas or ponds will be prohibited unless there are health and safety issues. For example, if insects are breeding on standing water.

6.  The operation of water fountains are prohibited unless individuals use reclaimed water.

7.  Restaurants shall serve water upon request only.

8.  All public restrooms in the City and private bathrooms in hotels shall notify patrons and employees of water conservation goals.

9.  Fines not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) will be imposed for violations of the outdoor watering restrictions. Continued excessive use may result in termination of water supply through irrigation services and/or restrictions of water supply through domestic meters.

Resources from the City of Beverly Hills: 

|  beverlyhills.org/conservation  | Public Works Services Dept.  |  (310) 285-2467  |  Beverly Hills, CA 90210  |