•  Upgrade old devices and appliances to new, water-wise equipment. Rebates are available for approved devices.
•  Serve water to guests only when requested.
•  Wash only full loads of clothes and dishes.
•  Check faucets for leaks and repair immediately.




Your yard and landscaping consume a large portion of your home’s total water use. Here are a number of ways to use less water.


•  Check your sprinkler system for leaks, overspray or broken sprinkler heads and repair immediately.
•  Water in the early morning to minimize evaporation.
•  Convert your lawn to a water-wise landscape. Rebates are available to help pay for the conversion.
•  Reduce landscape watering times and follow the mandatory two-day watering schedule.
•  Learn how to turn off your automatic watering system in case of rain or malfunctions.
•  Install water-wise plants that thrive in Beverly Hills. There are many beautiful varieties that you can work with to convert your lawn to a more water-efficient landscape.  For more information on drought-tolerant landscaping Visit the Los Angeles Coastal Cities Water Wise Gardening website and/or check out our Beverly Hills Garden Book.





In early 2015, Beverly Hills expanded the water conservation rebate program. Under the revised program, the City will increase rebates on the purchase of select water-efficient devices. A second program will subsidize a one- on-one coaching session that would educate the City's water customers on how to install water-efficient irrigation systems and drought- tolerant landscaping.

Examples of some of the rebates and subsidies under the expanded rebate programs include:
  • Zero and Ultra-Low Retrofit Urinal - rebate up from $200 to $500 for commercial properties.

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