•  Replace old toilets and appliances with new, high efficiency appliances. There are rebates on many of these devices.
•  Check for leaks in faucets, showerheads, toilets and repair immediately. 
•  Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes.
•   Shorten showers to five minutes or less
•  Track your water use with the city's free Water Tracker program.
• Check out other simple ways to save within your home. 

•Consider installing low flow showerheads and high efficiency toilets. One leaky toilet can waste 5 to 200 gallons of water an hour.





Your yard and landscaping consume a large portion of your home’s total water use. Below are a number of ways to use less water.


•  Stick to the mandatory two-day watering schedule. According to the U.S. EPA, most lawns and landscapes are overwatered so your plants should survive using this schedule. Water in the early morning to minimize evaporation.
•  Install water-wise plants that thrive in Beverly Hills. There are many beautiful varieties that you can work with to convert your lawn to a more water-efficient landscape.  For more information on drought-tolerant landscaping Visit the Los Angeles Coastal Cities Water Wise Gardening website and/or check out our Beverly Hills Garden Book.
•  Install a weather-based irrigation controller. This will automatically adjust your watering schedule and amount based on the weather. Rebates are available.
•  Replace your sprinklers with rotating sprinkler nozzles and use 20% less water. Also make sure your sprinklers are not watering your sidewalk or driveway.





Rebates are available for upgrading to high-efficiency appliances including toilets, clothes washers, weather-based irrigation controllers and more.

If you’re a Beverly Hills resident, you can apply for a rebate online to receive a reservation. When your reservation is approved, you can purchase the device(s). When the installation is completed, you will have to provide proof and documentation that the purchase and work was done. Your documentation will be reviewed and if approved, you will receive your rebate.


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