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Makabi Benjamin Yavneh Hebrew Academy 0-5 years old Aug 23, 2018
Yeroushalmi Tanaz Other grown-up Aug 20, 2018
Jaffe Gili Other preschool Aug 20, 2018
Jaffe Ori Other 1st Aug 20, 2018
Lee Vivien BHHS 9th Aug 19, 2018
More Sara Yavneh Hebrew Academy 6th Aug 19, 2018
Abrahamsen Hannah Other 0-5 years old Aug 19, 2018
Kung Sophia Other 0-5 years old Aug 18, 2018
Brownlee Poppy Other kindergarten/TK Aug 18, 2018
Brownlee Georgia Other 3rd Aug 18, 2018
Azizi Shlomo Beverly Vista ES 2nd Aug 17, 2018
Gibbons Emilie BHHS 12th Aug 17, 2018
Gegik Bartu BHHS 11th Aug 17, 2018
Stern Morgan Beverly Vista ES 6th Aug 17, 2018
Bediee Margaux Other preschool Aug 16, 2018
Stern Eitan Other kindergarten/TK Aug 16, 2018
Stern Jona Other 2nd Aug 16, 2018
Beckman-Levine Rose Pressman Academy of Temple Beth Am preschool Aug 16, 2018
Jurkowitz Winston Hillel Harkham Hebrew Academy 0-5 years old Aug 16, 2018
Jurkowitz Andi Hillel Harkham Hebrew Academy kindergarten/TK Aug 16, 2018
  • Real Estate Signs

    real estate signs stickers
  • Contact Us

    Contact information for members of the Planning Division
  • Records Management

    TheCommunity Development Departmentprovides access to and copies of building records for residential and commercial properties. In addition, we provide monthly permit reports for recent construction projects.
  • Historic Preservation Program

    Overview of the City of Beverly Hills Historic Preservation Program
  • Director's Determination

    Director's Determination of Ineligibility for Landmark Designation Administrative Guidelines In order for property owners to have certainty relative to the historic status of their property, Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 10-3-3204 requires a procedure whereby the Director of Community Development has the authority to determine that a property is, at a certain time, ineligible for designatio
  • Parcels 12 & 13

    Information about the removal of trees and the health and safety of the neighborhood surrounding Parcels 12 and 13 along Civic Center Drive.
  • Rent Stabilization

    Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization information housing rights legal services
  • Rent Increases/Adjustments

    Chapter 5 Tenants: A property owner may increase rent one time within any twelve (12) month period with a 30-day written notice [Section 4-5-303(a)] which must be sent by First Class Mail and have a five-day postmark. Therefore, the minimum notice time required is 35 days [Section 4-6-3(a)(c) and California Civil Code Section 827(b)(1)(B)(2),(3)]. The amount of increase shall be 8% or the average
  • Duplication of Plans

    To request copies of building plans, please refer to the following steps: 1.Verify theCommunity Development Department has the requested plans. It is recommended the requestor contact theCommunity Development Department Records Dept. to verify plans are on file and/or to review the plans before ordering. Please dial(310) 285-1141 and ask to speak to a Customer Service Representative.
  • Code Compliance

    Dead animal smoking rent stabilization bees mosquitoes Nestor Otazu Terence May Michael Manaoat Michal Masini Josh Charlin