Untitled Statue


Ursula Malbin (1917- )


Fine Art Ordinance Obligation of 200 N. Robertson Blvd.

Malbin's work is special in its simplicity, in its fragile yet graceful depiction of the human form, and in its celebration of the enduring beauty of life despite all vissitudes. To maintain the purity of her inspiration, the artist works without models, relying only on her imagination for the pure, sculptured indication of her own attitude to life. Over the years, Malbin's works have found their way into hospitals, parks, gardens, schools and private collections in Europe and North America. One original of each of her creations is donated to the Sculpture Garden in Haifa, Isreal.

Fun Fact: Malbin was trained to become a cabinet-maker. In 1939 after her family had already left and a few weeks before World War II, she fled Nazi Germany, alone, penniless and without a passport.

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