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2016 Concours Media Credential Request Form
_______________________________________________ Title/ Position- Please check all that apply: Photographer_______ Reporter_______ Writer______ Other: ______________________ Media Type- Please check all that apply Print___ TV___ Radio____ Twitter_____ Blog____ You Tube____ Other:______________
Housing Resources for Seniors and Low-Income Families
application be sent in the mail. 1bdr is $935/mo and 2bdr is $1121/mo; Section 8 vouchers are accepted. Jamboree Housing Website: http://www.jamboreehousing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout= blog&id=1 6&Itemid=28 Phone: Call numbers listed
Millard Sheets Artwork Installation
CITY LANDMARK ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION REPORT OCTOBER2013 MILLARDSHEETSCITY?WIDEARTWORKINSTALLATIONS CityofBeverlyHills,CA Preparedfor: CityofBeverlyHills CommunityDevelopmentDepartment PlanningDivision 455Re
Kronish Reisdence Landmark Assessment Report
CITY LANDMARK ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION REPORT January2015 KRONISHRESIDENCE9439SunsetBoulevard,CityofBeverlyHills,CA Preparedfor: CityofBeverlyHills CommunityDevelopmentDepartment PlanningDivision,CulturalHer
2015-16 Filming & Special Events Fee Schedule
and fees paid by that separate production company. 4. Any photography conducted by another company/production, such as an entertainment magazine or other periodical, newspaper, website or blog is not permitted without a separate photography permit
Greystone Film Rental Application
etc is not permitted without a separate film permit and fees paid by that separate production company. 4. Any photography conducted by another company/production, such as an entertainment magazine or other periodical, newspaper, website or blog
Chamber of Commerce Liaison Committee Meeting Agenda & Materials 5-13-15
website for the event to promote participating restaurants and their special menus. - We will partner with Yelp to get the word out and reach out to all the major food blogs and local media outlets to announce the event. We will place advertising
2015 Luxe Program Book
relaxed, natural, beautiful living. Down-to-earth and free-spirited, she embraces imperfection and the general mayhem of life with a laid-back approach to design and the home. Lauren writes the popular design blog, Pure Style Home, and her textile
Strategic Plan Vol. 3
FFIIRREE DDEEPPAARRTTMMEENNTT SSTTRRAATTEEGGIICC PPLLAANN October 2010 Our Mission - World Class Service for a World Class Community FIRE DEPARTMENT STRATEGIC PLAN Table of Contents page 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 1-Ov
Ahmanson Bank & Trust Building Historic Assessment Report
CITY LANDMARK ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION REPORT JANUARY2014 AHMANSONBANK&TRUST[currentlyFirstBank]9145WilshireBoulevard,CityofBeverlyHills,CA Preparedfor: CityofBeverlyHills CommunityDevelopmentDepartment Plann
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