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n to receive a contribution or make an expenditure with a view to bringing about his or her nomination or election to the city council or to the offic

t measure shall include a statement indicating that additional information about contributions to the ballot measure committee paying for the advertis
2-2-1402: Mission Statement And Responsibilities

epartments and complainants; 2. The commission or its staff may inquire about the status of a complaint received by the commission and the progress
3-1-212: Director Of Finance Administration; Duty To Enforce; Powers; Rules And Regulations

nation of the classification of business a registrant is engaged in, or is about to engage in, or the determination of the number of vehicles, machine
4-2-902: Definition

or offers to furnish, escorts or persons who accompany others to, from, or about social affairs, entertainments, places of public assembly, or places
4-2-1002: Definition

be used by the recipients thereof for the purpose of obtaining information about others to be used for social purposes; provided further, an employmen
4-4-103: Definitions

em that, when activated, emits an audible sound designed to be heard at or about the site where the alarm system is installed. AUTOMATIC DIALING SYST
4-4-204: Locking Unattended Vehicles

und in or upon any such facility unlocked and with its key available in or about the vehicle and there is no attendant in or upon such facility, it sh
4-7-101: Purpose

is to prevent community wide adverse secondary effects that can be brought about by the unregulated operation of adult entertainment businesses. These
5-6-1305: Sleeping Dragons And Other Similar Devices

ping dragon device to deny or obstruct the public's ability to freely move about on roadways, sidewalks, or into or out of buildings. For the purposes
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