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1-3-322: Late Payment Charges

e fee in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the administrative fine due, plus an additional ten percent (10%) of the overdue administrative fine for
2-4-203: Prohibition Against Excessive And Unjustified Increases In Consumer Prices During A Declared Emergency

s no more than ten percent (10%) above the total of the cost to the seller plus the markup customarily applied by the seller for that good or service
3-1-219: Business Classifications

dquarters or business and personal services, shall pay an annual basic tax plus a per employee tax for each employee, based on the annualized average
3-1-802: Fine Art Obligation

ceeding, one percent (1%) of the first one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) plus one and one-half percent (1.5%) of the amount in excess of one million
4-2-2106: Issuance And Renewal Of Permit

permit not timely renewed, the proprietor must: 1. Submit the permit fee plus a reinstatement fee and the application renewal form; and 2. Submit a
4-3-614: Return Of Impounded News Racks

aying an impound fee, to be established by resolution of the city council, plus the reasonable additional cost, if any, of impounding the newsrack in
4-5-513: Withdrawal Of Residential Rental Structure From The Rental Market

4-5-513: WITHDRAWAL OF RESIDENTIAL RENTAL STRUCTURE FROM THE RENTAL MARKET: A landlord may bring an action to recover possession of an apartment un
4-5-607: Waiver Of Relocation Rights

ll return to the landlord any relocation fee or other benefit so received, plus interest at the rate allowed by law. B. After the required notice per
4-6-2: BASE RENT:

his chapter is the monthly rental charged for such unit on April 30, 1986, plus any rental increases permitted by section 4-6-3 of this chapter. (1962
6-2-205: Consumer Protection And Service Standards

6-2-205: CONSUMER PROTECTION AND SERVICE STANDARDS: A. Operational Standards: 1. Unless otherwise provided in the franchise agreement, the grant
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