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1-3-201: Issuance Of Citations By Designated Employees

yees have the duty to enforce, and the violation has been committed in the presence of such officers or employees. B. In any case in which a person
4-2-2003: Exemptions

nveyance, or the giving of horoscopic readings at public places and in the presence of and within the hearing of other persons and at which no questio
4-3-807: General Criteria For Issuance Or Denial

the city in the conduct of previous solicitations. B. Notwithstanding the presence of one or more grounds for denial listed above, the city official
4-7-207: Performance Standards

ooths shall be maintained clean and free from waste and bodily secretions. presence of human excrement, urine, semen or saliva in any viewing rooms or
5-1-206: Noise In Proximity Of Schools, Hospitals, And Churches

gns are displayed on such street, sidewalk, or public place indicating the presence of a school, church, or hospital. (Ord. 11-O-2613, eff. 10-31-2011
6-1-308: Sewer Connection Regulations

truction of the house connection sewer. E. Tapping To Be Performed In The presence Of A City Employee: All tapping of public sewers shall be made by
9-1-104: Amendments To Uniform Administrative Code

9-1-104: AMENDMENTS TO UNIFORM ADMINISTRATIVE CODE: The uniform administrative code adopted pursuant to section 9-1-103 of this chapter is hereby a
9-1-202: Amendments To California Building Code

9-1-202: AMENDMENTS TO CALIFORNIA BUILDING CODE: The California building code adopted pursuant to section 9-1-201 of this chapter is hereby amended
9-1-2A02: Amendments To California Residential Code

9-1-2A02: AMENDMENTS TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTIAL CODE: The California residential code adopted pursuant to section 9-1-2A01 of this chapter is hereby
10-2-201: Information Required

10-2-201: INFORMATION REQUIRED: Any subdivider desiring to lay out for the purpose of sale or recordation any subdivision of land in the city shall f
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