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5-6-604: Prohibition Against Using An Unmanned Aircraft To Record Or Transmit Visual Or Audio Recordings

rson or owner of the subject real property has a reasonable expectation of privacy (including, but not limited to, inside a private residence or offic
6-2-501: Customer Service Standards And Penalties For Material Breach

service standards also include California Penal Code section 637.5 and the privacy standards contained in the federal cable act, at 47 USC section 551
10-3-409: Second Units

10-3-409: SECOND UNITS: A. Standards: Notwithstanding sections 10-3-401 and 10-3-402 of this chapter, a second unit shall be permitted in an R-1 zo
10-3-1275: Development Standards For Emergency Shelters

10-3-1275: DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS FOR EMERGENCY SHELTERS: Emergency shelters shall be allowed as a permitted use in the special needs housing overlay
10-3-1822: Objectives Of The C-R-PD Zone

evelopment in the C-R-PD zone will not materially and adversely affect the privacy of dwellings adjacent to the C-R-PD zone. (Ord. 91-O-2127, eff. 11-
10-3-1834: Privacy Protection

10-3-1834: privacy PROTECTION: No building or addition to a building shall be constructed in the C-R-PD zone except in conformance with one of the fo
10-3-1953: Walls Required For Residential-Nonresidential Transition

alternate wall material will not have a substantial adverse impact on the privacy, security or residential quality of the adjacent residential proper
10-3-2406: Side Setbacks

10-3-2406: SIDE SETBACKS: The following side setback requirements shall govern the Central Area of the city: A. North Of Santa Monica Boulevard:
10-3-2409: Permissible Encroachments In Side Yards, Street Side Yards, And Rear Yards

10-3-2409: PERMISSIBLE ENCROACHMENTS IN SIDE YARDS, STREET SIDE YARDS, AND REAR YARDS: No structure or element of a building may encroach into any
10-3-2414: Development Standards For Accessory Buildings North Of Santa Monica Boulevard

10-3-2414: DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS FOR ACCESSORY BUILDINGS NORTH OF SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD: Accessory buildings located on site areas north of Santa Mo
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