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1-5-401: Authority To Contract

hall include, but not be limited to, any contract for equipment, supplies, services, or public projects. (Ord. 87-O-2012, eff. 12-31-1987; amd. 1988 C
1-6-104: Processing Of Claims

1-6-104: PROCESSING OF CLAIMS: The director of human services, with the approval of the city manager, shall adopt and implement procedures for the pr
1-6-201: Establishment Of Fee Schedule

FEE SCHEDULE: Fees for records, documents, permits, and all types of city services for which a fee is required for the service rendered shall be esta

1-8-2: DEFINITIONS: The definitions set forth in the California political reform act, as amended (Government Code section 81000 et seq.), and the r
2-2-308: Administrative Support

2-2-308: ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT: The human services department shall provide administrative support to the civil service commission. (1962 Code §
2-2-703: Administrative Support

SUPPORT: The transportation division of the department of environmental services shall provide administrative support to the traffic and parking co
2-2-803: Administrative Support

-2-803: ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT: The department of library and community services shall be responsible for furnishing administrative staff support t
2-2-1002: Jurisdiction And Functions

1. Formulating general policies on use and delivery of recreation and park services; 2. Evaluating the effectiveness of programs in relation to cit
2-2-1102: Jurisdiction And Functions

programs. B. Advise and make recommendations to the director of public services or other staff on the planning, evaluation and delivery of public
2-2-1103: Administrative Support

2-2-1103: ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT: The public services department, or such other staff designated by the city manager, shall provide administrative su
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