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Greystone Demonstration Garden Dedication

Greystone Demonstration Garden Dedication The City of Beverly Hills will host a dedication event to celebrate the opening of the Greystone Demonstration Garden on Sunday, April 13, from 2p.m. - 4p.m. To RSVP, call 310.285.2537.
http://www.beverlyhills.org/event.jsp?eventid=0&title=Greystone Demonstration Garden Dedication
Greystone Demonstration Garden

Welcome! The Greystone Demonstration Garden of Beverly Hills is an outdoor venue where individuals can come together to promote the benefits of locally grown, organic food that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost effective.
FAQ - Do I need a permit for a demonstration?

You must speak with the Traffic Division in the Police Department and they will determine whether a permit is required. Traffic Division can be reached at (310) 285-2190.

defines a parade as any march, demonstration, procession, motorcade, or promenade consisting of persons, animals, or vehicles, or a combination thereof, having a common purpose, design, destination or goal in any public place which does not comply
Beverly Hills Celebrates Grand Opening of Greystone Demonstration Garden

Sumagaysay (310) 285.2530 hsumagaysay@beverlyhills.org Beverly Hills Celebrates the Grand Opening of the Greystone Demonstration Garden On Sunday, April 13, the City of Beverly Hills and Mayor Lili Bosse hosted a ribbon-cutting event
Police Service Day and Pancake Breakfast

Police Service Day and Pancake Breakfast Free pancakes, police station tours, interactive demonstrations and more!
http://www.beverlyhills.org/event.jsp?eventid=0&title=Police Service Day and Pancake Breakfast

Below are videos that demonstrate the Metro Purple Line Extension design & construction processes.
Order of the City

The Order of the City is a special recognition given in years past to residents who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and contributions to the City of Beverly Hills. The distinguished recipients are listed below: Jimmy Stewart Fred
New Greystone Garden Blooms in the Heart of Beverly Hills

hsumagaysay@beverlyhills.org New Greystone Demonstration Garden Blooms in the Heart of Beverly Hills Demonstration Garden to Promote Locally Grown Food and Provide Community Opportunities Greystone Mansion of Beverly Hills is finalizing steps to complete the remodel
Spiral of Life by Baile Oakes

spaces he creates, in hopes to offer a place of shelter to the visitor a restful sanctuary. "I aspire to have my work in the field of public art demonstrate ways to begin to reverse the trend by incorporating into our infrastructure ever-present reminders
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