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Online Services The City of Beverly Hills is pleased to offer many services online
Chapter 5 Code

and telephone number of either the owner of the building, or the owner’s authorized agent, and has provided each tenant with a written statement of such information so that tenants can communicate readily with such owner or agent. (1962 Code § 11-3.09; amd.
Community Development Members

Community Development Department Staff Directory Community Development Organizational Chart
Public Notice Code Language

compliance determination do not indicate that the applicant intended to deviate from the zoning code standards. Nothing in this section shall allow the amount of front yard paving, the floor area of a building, or the height of a building to exceed
Draft Zoning Code Reorg

and Spaces Required E. Walls, Fences, and Hedges F. Accessory Buildings 201.04 Central Area Single Family Residential Development Standards Beverly Hills Zoning Code Reorganization – Annotated Outline – Commission Review Draft 15
Top 10 Fire Code Violations

Top Ten Fire Code Violations  Fire Extinguishers must be visible, mounted, readily accessible, and serviced within the past year.  Fire Sprinkler Systems / Standpipe Systems shall be serviced and tested at least every year and certified
FAQ - What California Building Code is currently in effect?

The City of Beverly Hills currently recognizes the 2010 California Building Codes, effective January 2011.
Chapter 6 Code

the tenancy of a rental unit subject to this chapter. (1962 Code § 12-1.06; amd. Ord. 04-0-2449, eff. 6-18-2004) 4-6-7: WATER SERVICE PENALTY SURCHARGE A. In addition to the rent otherwise permitted by this chapter, the landlord may pass through
Building & Safety Division

projects. Building Inspections - Inspect and issue certificates of occupancy for all construction projects. Code Compliance - Assure that all properties comply with City codes and administer the Rent Stabilization program. Compliance with State
Building Inspection Codes

CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS 455 North Rexford Drive, 1st Floor Community Development Department Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Building and Safety Division Tel. (310) 285-1141 www.beverlyhills.org/buildingandsafety Building Inspection Codes - Apr
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/2471--Building Inspection Codes - APR 2011.pdf
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