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FY 2015-16 Proposed Introduction

eliminated from the City's government-wide budgeting practices and financial statements. Exceptions to this general rule are internal service fund charges and charges for billing, legislative assistance and similar services to business-type activities
FY 2015-16 CM Message

impact tourism or spending  Global growth slowdown Construction activity in the City remains very active which bodes well for future economic activity in the City. This activity has also stretched our Community Development staffing, which created
Social Service Goals and Populations Served

Assistance/Education. Continue to provide educational and human services to the City's active and frail elderly residents, to maintain and improve their quality of life, personal growth, and enrichment. (Imp. 6.1) PS 4.4 Regional Social Responsibility. Collaborate
1-28-16 PC Minutes

N O E S : N o n e C A R R I E D S T U D Y S E S S I O N No i t e m s C O M M U N I C A T I O N S F R O M THE C O M M I S S I O N • C o m m i t t e e R e p o r t s A c t i o n : N o C o m m i t t e e R e p o r t s Page 3 of 4 Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes January 28, 2016 COMMUNICATIONS FROM STAFF 5. Upcoming Projects List Action: Received and filed. 6. Building Permit Activity Report — 1211115 thru 12/31115 Action: Received and filed. 7.
1-07-16 TPC Synopsis

Tour Bus Activity c. Olympic Boulevard / Beverly Drive / Beverwil Drive Intersection Deputy Director of Transportation, Aaron Kunz provided a brief update on the above items. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE COMMISSION 7. Mayors Cabinet Meeting
3-24-16 PC Synopsis

items on future Planning Commission agendas. COMMUNICATIONS FROM STAFF 4. Upcoming Projects List o Received and filed 5. Building Permit Activity Report – 2/1/16 thru 2/29/16 o Received and filed 6. 2016 Meeting Schedule o Received
Call for Teen Volunteers

Call for Teen Volunteers Beverly Hills Public Library Summer Reading Club 2016 May 20 — August 17 The Summer Reading Club encourages children to read during the summer. Volunteers will assist with activities in the Children’s Library,
12-03-15 TPC Minutes

meeting. 7. STATUS REPORT a. Tour Bus Activity o This item was not discussed b. Traffic and Parking Commission Ad Hoc Committees o Chair Friedman updated the Commission on the completion of the Taxi ad hoc and the Tour Bus ad hoc since their original
7-23-15 PC Synopsis

the Disaster Recovery Ordinance, and the upcoming appeal regarding the Planning Commission’s denial of the project at 310 N. Crescent Drive. 4. Upcoming Projects List Action: Received and filed. 5. Building Permit Activity Report – 6/1/15
6-25-15 PC Synopsis

will be held on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the La Cienega Community Center. 3. Upcoming Projects List Action: Received and filed. 4. Building Permit Activity Report – 5/1/15 thru 5/31/15 Action: Received and filed.
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