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Mayors Cabinet Meeting Highlights - January 6, 2014

been looking at the city of Los Angeles website for ideas. The website is the commission’s main way to educate the public about organizations that do not meet the City’s standard that 50% of fundraisers proceeds go to the charity. Cultural
Form 460, Pre-election Statement - 01/23/2011-02/19/2011

of the following codes accurately describes the payment, you may enter the code. Otherwise, describe the payment. cfvP campaign paraphernalia/misc. MBR member communications RAD radio airtime and production costs CNS campaign consultants MTG meetings
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/8383--no on o 2-24-2011.PDF
FY 2013-14 Operating Budget

off. Retirement of this internal loan will save the General Fund about $1.2 million in radio charges annually. The City has also made regular contributions to convert previously unfunded liabilities for other post-employment benefits (OPEB)
2007-08 4th Quarter Status Report - Volume I

Estate landscaping • Public Safety Radio System – 95% complete • 2,766 trees trimmed and nearly 6,000 miles of curbs swept in residential and commercial areas; 3,542 miles of sidewalks cleaned • Entertainment Business District Plan – 80%
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/3962--07-08 4th Qtr Volume 1 8.13.08.pdf
October 21, 2010

is working hard to implement the ideas it has devised, and would like to have uniform guidelines on how each case is handled. ♦ Captain Ed Kreins, the Commission’s new BHPD representative, provided information about the Commission’s role with community
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/7962--10 21 10 HRC Minutes.pdf
January 20, 2011

ABSENT: None ABSTAIN: Meshkaty, Nazarian CARRIED ORAL COMMUNICATION FROM THE AUDIENCE DW Koa Creech, a Beverly Hills resident, addressed the Commission about an alleged incident involving the Beverly Hills Police Department on December 31, 2010.
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/8370--1 20 11 HRC minutes rev JK2.pdf
Contractor Information

a mechanic’s lien against your property. To learn more about mechanic’s liens click on the following link http://www.cslb.ca.gov/Consumers/LegalIssuesForConsumers/MechanicsLien/UnderstandingMechanicsLiens. asp Are there any restrictions
Bid 13-17 Reference Documents

Figure 1 – Worst case bundling configuration for alien crosstalk. Source: http://www.siemon.com/us/learning/alien-crosstalk-guide. asp Figure 2, in conjunction with its table depict the worst case cabling requirements when properly rated Cat5e
Form 460, Pre-election Statement - 02/20/2011 - 02/26/2011

by the California Independent Petroleum 1335739 Ac~rw~i~f inn CODES: If one of the following codes accurately describes the payment, you may enter the code. Otherwise, describe the payment. avP campaign paraphernalia/misc. MBR member communications RAD radio
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/8475--Form 460 Pre-election Statement 02-20-2011 thru 02-26-2011.pdf
FY 2011-12 Combined Budget and CIP

a community often sought but rarely found in modern urban centers. Beverly Hills is blessed by a healthy business community. Revenues generated from the business sector represent about 65-80% of total General Fund revenues. This allows the City
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9452--BH Budget and CIP.pdf
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