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Sewer System Master Plan Report (Part 2)

in the world. Destination hotels, restaurants, and shopping districts continue to attract visitors from around the world. 2.2 Land Use The City last prepared and adopted a General Plan in on May 17, 1977. Over the years numerous amendments
Draft 2014-2021 Housing Element

City of Beverly Hills General Plan 2014-2021 Draft Housing Element Update 459 | Page HOUSING Adopted on XX Certified by the State on XX Table of Contents Role and Purpose of Housing Element................................................. 460 Comm
New Beverly Hills Business Directory Map

248-1015 9400 S. Santa Monica Blvd. 2D Wallis Annenberg Center 746-4000 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd. 1E for the Performing Arts Civic Center/City Hall 285-1000 455 N. Rexford Dr. 1E Farmers’ Market (Sundays only) 285-6830 Civic Center Dr. 1F Greystone
2014-2021 Housing Element

City of Beverly Hills General Plan 2014-2021 Housing Element 459 | Page HOUSING Adopted on December 17, 2013 Certified by the State on ________ Table of Contents Role and Purpose of Housing Element ................................
Housing Element Appendix B

of notable individuals who have designed buildings in the City. The City has also designated several buildings as local landmarks, including:  Beverly Hills Hotel  Virginia Robinson Estate and Garden  Beverly Hills Women’s Club  Greystone Mansion
Urban Water Management Plan 2005

Above ground 1.2 6 Steel: Above ground 1.2 7 Steel: Above ground 1.2 Woodland Concrete: Above ground 2 Greystone Concrete/steel reinforced: Underground 19.5 Sunset Concrete: Underground 6 Coldwater Concrete: Underground 8.5* Total
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/3503--2005 Urban Water Management Plan.pdf
Draft 2014-2021 Housing Element Appendix B

 Virginia Robinson Estate and Garden  Beverly Hills Women’s Club  Greystone Mansion  Beverly Hills Post Office  Anderton Court  Karasik House  The Witch’s House  Waverly Mansion  Hilton Office Building  Locke House  Fox Wilshire – Saban Theatre
Strategic Plan Vol. 1

history and geographic setting, the City attracts thousands of tourists year round. The City contains 5.5 square miles including developed areas and open spaces. The January 2010 population, according to the California State Department of Finance
CAFR 2003

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Gateway FEIR Volume 2

City of Beverly Hills The Beverly Hills Gateway Project Final Environmental Impact Report Volume II: Appendices SCH # 2008011066 March 2011 The Beverly Hills Gateway Project
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