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2008-09 1st Quarter Status Report - Volume II

Statement #1 Beverly Hills has world-class activities and events Beverly Hills is a leading edge, innovative community Beverly Hills is committed to being the safest city Beverly Hills is known internationally for its businesses Beverly Hills has
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/4662--FY 08-09 1st Quarter CIP Final.pdf
Sworn Fire

employee. fri the event an individual is appointed to a step above the first, he/she shall be eligible for a salary step increase upon the completion of one year of service, (on the first date of the pay period that begins after one year of service has
Chapter 5 Code

Page of 27 CHAPTER 5 RENT STABILIZATION, PART I ARTICLE 1. APPLICATION 4-5-101: APPLICATION: The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all dwelling units in the city designed for rental use or actually rented at any time on or after May 31, 19
McGilvray House Historic Assessment Report

To be eligible for local designation as a historic landmark, properties must satisfy the following  criteria:  McGilvray House, 804 North Alpine Drive  City Landmark Assessment and Evaluation Report  page 9  A.  The property meets at least two of the following (significance) criteria:  1.  Is  identified with  important  events  in 
FY2014-15 Supplemental Information - Proposed

program will be adjusted to reflect the level of available funding. In the event of reduced grant funding, City resources will be substituted only after all program priorities and alternatives are considered. Balanced revenue and expenditure forecasts
Memo of Points and Authorities

provisions for addressing such low probability but high risk events, and the Ninth Circuit has emphasized the importance of these provisions to ensure that agency decisionmakers make a fully informed choice from amongst the options before them. Second,
Form 460, Preelection and Semi-Annual Statement - 07/01/2010-12/31/2010

and production costs FIL candidate filing/ballot fees P1-10 phone banks TRC candidate travel, lodging, and meals END fundraising events POL polling and survey research TRS staff/spouse travel, lodging, and meals ND independent expenditure supporting/opposing
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/8243--Krasne - 2011 Jan 14.PDF
CALGreen (GC-2) City of Beverly Hills Non-Residential Building Checklist

storm water runoff from the 85th percentile 24-hour runoff event (for volume- based BMPs) or the runoff produced by a rain event equal to two times the 85th percentile hourly intensity (for flow-based BMPs).
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/8604--GC-2 CALGreen Commercial checklist ch5 and app A5.pdf
FY2013/14 Proposed - Budget Modifications

Adult Programs 01 60,000 60,000 - no y 60,000 - 40-018 Overtime - Sp. Events Staff & Park Rangers CS Non-Position yes Comm/Cultural Evts / Park Rangers 01 24,000
Anthony - Kerry House Historic Assessment Report

.    To be eligible for local designation as a historic landmark, properties must satisfy the following  criteria:  Anthony‐Kerry House, 910 North Bedford Drive  City Landmark Assessment and Evaluation Report  page 8  A.  The property meets at least two of the following (significance) criteria:  1.  Is  identified with  important  events  in 
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