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Beverly Hills Noise Ordinance

entertainment events. (Ord. 11-O-2613, eff. 10-31-2011) 5-1-208: DRUMS: It shall be unlawful for any person to use any drum, other percussion or musical instrument, or device of any kind for the purpose of attracting attention by the creation of noise
Beverly Hills In Focus - May 2015

California- friendly plants have plenty of room to grow. Your landscaping may look a little sparse at first, but it will be gorgeous in no time. • Choose plants that will do double duty by attracting wildlife such as birds and butterflies.
Request For Financial Advisory Services Proposal

sales in the City  Potential for a slowing housing market  The effect of a strong dollar on tourism attraction and retail spending in the City  Geopolitical and economic events which might impact tourism or spending  Global growth slowdown
CVB/Marketing Liaison Committee Meeting Agenda 05-04-16

for 2016-17 is focused on retaining Rodeo Drive’s allure for locals and attracting the next generation of young, affluent shoppers and travelers to Rodeo Drive to complement most, if not all, of what the RDC members are trying to accomplish for their own
FY2014/15 Budget Message - Proposed

 Hiring Incentives to attract qualified Police Officers  Additional Ground Water Well  Additional Solar Panels at City facilities  Robertson Bl. Sidewalk and Trees Upgrade  Santa Monica Blvd --- traffic control and mitigation  Subway
Greystone Mansion Historic Assessment Report

scenes from Italian Renaissance classics. There are also some beautifully sculptured masks representing individual winds seen in early Greek ptolemaic projections. There are several Italian Renaissance fountains that seem to attract the most attention.
ARMP Presentation

contributions 26 Brad Au Senior Vice President Aon Hewitt “Cost neutral” or better – cost avoidance Cap the City’s future medical cost increases Supportable / “reasonable” assumptions Fair / attractive to employees 28  Existing retiree
Budget Message FY2016-17

slowed considerably  The effect of a strong dollar on tourism attraction and retail spending in the city  Traffic impacts from various public and private construction projects which could impact visits and retail sales in the city
Rodeo Drive/Special Events/Holiday Program Liaison Committee Meeting Agenda + Materials 06-22-16

Los Angeles is a natural destination for Chinese runners. In an effort to further support our City partners, we are working, and will continue to work with, the City and the Chamber of Commerce to highlight Beverly Hills businesses and attractions
2011-12 Mid-Year Budget Status Report Vol. 1

in the Business Triangle area; examination of economic incentives to attract I - 1 FY 2011/12 Mid-Year Report targeted businesses to locate in Beverly Hills; examination of programs to attract high value businesses to the City; and tracking high priority
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/10156--volume 1 - Mid-Year Report - condensed version.pdf
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