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Attachment I : Section 5- Scope of Work

an allowance in their budget proposal for a return visit to the project site, at a time after project handover to be determined, but perhaps one month after sign off as an example, in order to make tweaks as necessary to the programming based on Owner
Beverly Hills Women's Club Historic Assessment Report

and Budget, Paperwork Reductions Project (1024-0018), Washington, DC 20503. NPS Form 10-900 (Rev. 10-90) United States Department of the Interior National Park Service NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES CONTINUATION SHEET Section 7 Page 1 OMB No.
Gateway FEIR Supplemental Analysis

looking south, commercial development of varying heights, the towers of Century City, and a small portion of the Peninsula Hotel may be visible. Parcel 3 includes properties developed primarily as a vehicle storage parking lot for Budget Rent-a-Car
Joe E Brown Residence Historic Assessment Report

Joe?E.?Brown?biography,?IMDb?website?(www.IMDb.com). Joe?E.?Brown?Residence,?707?North?Walden?Drive? City?Landmark?Assessment?and?Evaluation?Report? page?10? Hawks?in?the?big? budget
Gateway FEIR Volume 1

City of Beverly Hills The Beverly Hills Gateway Project Final Environmental Impact Report Volume I: Report SCH # 2008011066 March 2011 The Beverly Hills Gateway Project Final
Shannon and Wilson Report on Westside Subway Extension Project

against cost savings from elimination of a below grade station and potential impacts to project schedule and budget from potential conflicts with the BHHS and other parties along the proposed Constellation Boulevard alignment. Photograph 4 – Third
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/10400--51-1-10024-003 R01Final.pdf
Salary and Benefit Information for 2011

BUDGET AND REVENUE OFFICR 125,149.41 - - 125,149.41 9,215.96 - 6,181.34 - - - 177.00 15,574.30 140,723.71 27,181.85
Salary and Benefit Information for 2013

21,724.04 - 160 96 120 BUDGET AND REVENUE OFFICR 129,999.45 - - 6,181.00 136,180.45 - 7,251.64
Management Audit Presentation

automobile entry/exit driveway.  Funding  Funding  for BHFD staffing comes  from  the City’s General Fund, as allocated during  the City’s  budget  process.  Occupancy and operation of the proposed project would generate revenues accrued to the City’s  General Fund from sales
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/1292105352924291543/Management Audit.pdf
Bid 13-17 Reference Documents

CABLING FOR SUCCESS WITH DXLINK White Paper Page 1 AMX White Paper | Cabling for Success with DXLinkTM | V 1.9 8.2012 Cabling for Success with DXLinkTM Author: Curry Kinyon Co-Author: Jeff Howes Co-Author: Ann Yanecek
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