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Metro TAP Disabled Services ID Card Application

One Gateway Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90012-2952 LACTOA Disabled TAP cards will be mailed to eligible applicants within 20 business days after verification has been completed. The LACTOA agencies reserve the right to make final determination
Bid Document

in the performance of this agreement. 13. Every supplier of materials and services and all contractors doing business with the City shall be an "Equal Opportunity Employer" as defined by Section 2000 (E) of Chapter 21, Title 42 of the United States Code
2007-08 1st Quarter Status Report

reputation is instrumental in attracting and retaining business—no small feat in a region where competition for market share is fierce. Our impressive reputation also draws a large pool of highly skilled, innovative professionals looking to become part

Eastside Water Main/Hydrant Replacement- Phase I BIDDER'S FIRM NAME IN FULL BIDDER'S BUSINESS ADDRESS BIDDER'S TELEPHONE NUMBER 1. McGraw-Hill Information Sys. F.W. Dodge Division 1333 South Mayflower Avenue Third Floor
Standards of Behavior 2012

does not apply to children under four years of age. 17. Use flash photography during business hours. No unauthorized photography of patrons who are minors by adults. Requests for professional photography must be authorized by Library
Chapter 5 Tenants FAQ

regulations:  single-family dwellings  condominium units  business or commercial properties  housing accommodations in hotels, motels, inns or boarding houses unless they have been rented to permanent residents for more than 30 consecutive days.
Management and Professional (M&P)

Administrator M-41 $6049 - $7515 EW Budget & Financial Analyst M-50 $6616 - $8219 BR Building & Vehicle Maintenance Supt. M-61 $7381 - $9170 HA Building Inspection Manager M-47 $6421 - $7977 CD Building Services Manager M-63 $7530 - $9354 IG Business
3-01-12 DRC Minutes

to the Design Review Commission. AYES: Commissioners Wyka, Nathan, Strauss, Vice Chair Pepp and Chair Szabo. NOES: None. ABSTAINED: None. ABSENT: None. CARRIED NEW BUSINESS - PUBLIC HEARINGS 3. 718 North Rodeo Drive (PL# 1202668) A request
Form 460, Preelection and Semi-Annual Statement - 01/01/2010-06/30/2010

Canidate for CounCilmember, City of Beverly Hills Bev. Hills CA 90210 RESIDENTIAL/BUSINESS ADDRESS (NO. AND STREET) CITY STATE ZIP 455 North Rexford Drive, 4th Floor Beverly Hills California 90210 Related Committees Not Included in this Statement: Listany
February 23, 2010

as presented. (3/0) AYES: Rothner, Block, Tavelman Collins ABSENT: Blumenfeld ABSTAIN: CARRIED ORAL COMMUNICATION FROM THE AUDIENCE NEW BUSINESS/STAFF REPORTS CORRESPONDENCE 2. Renovation of Roxbury Park Baseball Field Infield
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/7013--2 23 10.pdf
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