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FY 2003-04 Budget

enterprise. In what private business, for instance, would one ever find business subsidiaries that are as disparate: Crime Prevention and Library Services Cable TV Broadcasting and Sewer Maintenance Paramedic Services and Literacy Programs
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/2505--FY 2003-04 Budget.pdf
RFP Document

Rights and fact sheets that contain pertinent information with regard to the locations included in this RFP are available on the City's website www.beverlyhills.org. Please refer to link for “Doing Business – Vendor and Proposal Information.” ii. Due
Sample Agreement

of the City and the issuance of Citations for such approved Violations using the Vendor Photo Red Light System. 1.13 “Person” means a natural individual, company, Governmental Authority, partnership, firm, corporation, legal entity or other business
8-15-12 AC Minutes

remain valid for three (3) years from the date of approval, unless extended pursuant to Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 103-207. (Taken out ofOrder) NEW BUSINESS - PUBUC HEARINGS 7. 121 Spalding Drive Request for approval of a new commercial
RFP #16-13: Conducting a Department Needs Assessment and Develop a Grant Funding Strategy

term all necessary licenses, permits and certificates required by law for the provision of services under this Agreement, including a business license. Section 10. Interests of CONSULTANT. CONSULTANT affirms that it presently has no interest
FY 2016/17 Schedule of Taxes, Fees, and Charges

of Justice fees and Federal Bureau of Investigation fees New (per permit) 296.00 Renewal (per permit) 151.00 Note: If the sale of firearms is the primary business, permit approval must be obtained prior to issuance of the City business license 4-3.501
Appendix B- Rules and Regulations

that the taxicab is in an unsafe condition or is not equipped as required by these Rules, except as may be necessary to return the taxicab to the residence or place of business of the owner or driver or to a garage, until the taxicab and its equipment
RFP Document

hereby waives for itself any claims for damages for any injury or inconvenience to Operator or interference with Operator’s business, or any loss occasioned thereby. -5- B0785-0001\1451778v1.doc Section 7. Utilities and Management. A.
Taxicab Rules and Regulations

after notice by an authorized enforcement officer or police officer that the taxicab is in an unsafe condition or is not equipped as required by these Rules, except as may be necessary to return the taxicab to the residence or place of business
FY 2015-16 Budget

engages in any business within the city must register with the Administrative Services Department and pay a separate business tax for: 1) Each establishment or location within the city at which registrant conducts business; and 2) Each type of business
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